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Sequels to Cult Classic Games: Do NOT Want.

While rereading my previous blog, I started to think about what a possible sequel to Jet Set
Radio would be like, and I came to the following conclusions:

- It would be for the Nintendo Wii
- You could use the remote for tagging. (By shaking it like a spray can, then using the B
button to spray)

Think about it, though. What cult classic has ever benefited from a sequel? At the very
most it could be a solid effort, but not as great as the original (Gunstar Super Heroes)
and at the other end of the spectrum, it could be an absolute fucking failure. (Nights:
Journey of Dreams)

I know a lot of people are excited about Beyond Good and Evil 2. And that's great. Be
excited. (Be Be Excited!) But don't give your hopes up thinking it's going to dwarf the
original. (Although i've never played the game, so who knows.)

And why do people want sequels for these things anyways? Aren't sequels usually a bad
thing? Isn't that what we always say? I hear people groaning and moaning about a
Bioshock 2 sequel and how it's not necessary, all while elsewhere, I hear more people
still praying for Psychonauts 2 or Shenmue 3 or what have you. Yes, a new
Earthworm Jim and a new Splatterhouse sounds fun, but the little skeptic
inside all of us still refuses to believe such fun could exist. And that's only because we've
been disappointed before.

Personally, i'd rather have a brand new game designed by the same quality team. See
what other new ideas they might have, rather than trying to retread old ground. Even Tim
Schafer knows a Psychonauts 2 isn't the best, and he's yet to make another Full
Throttle. So he makes a entirely new IP (Brutal Legend). The Shaun of the
Dead guys don't make Shaun of the Dead 2. They make Hot Fuzz, using the
same style and soul of Shaun, but using new ideas and themes. That's what i'd like to
see. I don't have a problem with spiritual successors (most of the time).

BUT: There have been exceptions. (I know Sam & Max has been doing well for itself.) So
it's not totally impossible that a new and better one could come out.

Honestly, I was going back and forth about this, until ultimatly deciding that I don't
personally believe that sequels to cult classics are a good idea. (I mean, did you hear
they are making a sequel to Donnie Darko? Sheesh.)

Mostly i'd like to hear from the rest of the community. How do you guys feel when your
favorite underrated gem gets a sequel?

(Although, despite all this, i'd still buy a Jet Set Radio remake for the Wii, using the
control scheme mentioned above. Just to see...)
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