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About isoginchakuone of us since 9:07 PM on 10.02.2018

You may call me Aurora, but I also go by Sam. A little birdie may have told you that I'm a Norwegian, and that much is true.

Did you know I love tech? I love computers, hardware, software, really just about anything related to them. This means not just games and how they play but also modding of the actual hardware and the games. I've dabbled with pretty much all of the things I just mentioned above, to varying degrees of success. Hey, I'm getting better at it tho.

Even tho I see myself as being perfectly incapable of writing in a way that is engaging to the reader, perhaps I'll write something interesting related to these things sometime nevertheless. Critique me! Gently!
And then, maybe one day, Mr. Destructoid will even... gasp, notice me...
That's what I strive for anyways!

Side note, you may ask why I have two names? Well, I'm transgender. Specifically bi-gender, meaning I identify with both the male and female genders. Gender's messy like that, and if you came here only to tell me how much you disagree with my identity: I do not wish to debate or even hear how much you think that's totally obscene or stupid. I am comfortable with who I am and others should be too.
But if you care, referring to me with she/her and he/him pronouns as you see fit yourself, are both perfectly acceptable! Take a pick my friends.

Fun fact: "Isoginchaku" means "sea anemone" in japanese. Anemones are cool.