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1. Pok�mon Red, Blue and Green Gameboy - 20.08 Million Copies Sold - Pok�mon Red and Pok�mon Blue are the first two installments of the Pok�mon series of role-playing video games, first released for the Game Boy in Japan in 1996, later ...


Level up your Call of Duty 4 beta this Friday

Infinity Ward announced today that starting Friday the company would be unlocking additional content for the Call of Duty 4 beta currently available to select Xbox 360 owners. "Friday morning at 10 am PDT (1 pm EST), we're going to be in...


The White iPod is Now Extinct.

We all saw it coming, but now it's official, white iPods have become extinct. May we all bow our heads, and take a trip down memory lane. The white iPod might have started it all off, but sure enough it has been moved out of the spotlight ...


11 Minute Assassin's Creed Demo

I have high hopes for this game now because, It has alot to do to impress me. This battle system looks like it was stripped out of the latest Pirates of the Carribean movie game tho. Although the Freerunning Platforming action looks FUN.


Fifa 08 Skill Moves Trailer!

See, I'm not much into Fifa 08, but when my friends come over, it is a really fun game to play, like if you score in the 90th minute, or a kick from the center of the field.


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