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European FNF - Team Fortress 2 - I'm back edition

(Thanks for the pic bloodylip) After last weeks epic party weekend I'm staying home tonight and ready for another awesome EuroFNF. I'm still not confident to lock the server up but so far we've been having fun anyway, especially because...


New EU TF2 Server: Europeans sappin mah sentries

So, I've set up my own TF2 server, it's brand new, based in amsterdam and I'll be organizing EU PC FNF's and probably later TFT's on it. I have no reserve slot plugin installed yet but I will install that later on, I'll post about that wh...


The best video game music -- Nomination round 2

The best video game music -- Nomination round 2 This is the second nomination round of my video game music match-up. I already got some great nominations but I decided to hold a second nomination round so that the people who missed the f...


The best video game music -- Nomination round

Update: I dropped the original rendition requirement for the piece The best video game music -- Nomination round Welcome all to a series I thought up while playing audiosurf to some of my favourite video game music. I want to know what ...


REVIEW: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

[This will be my first review, so be gentle. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. Furthermore, I am a huge Ace Attorney fanboy so this review might be a bit biased.] The Ace Attorney games have been a breath of fresh air for lov...


An idea: Destructoid PC alliance

Gentleman, I hereby propose a Destructoid PC alliance. The reasons of a Destructoid PC alliance is not, I repeat NOT, to talk shit about consoles, it is to show that the PC is far from a dead gaming platform and that there are enough peo...


Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney first impressions

So I've been playing the new Ace Attorney game for a bit last night and it gave me a great impression. The characters so far have been a mix of old and new and Capcom's localization has been phenomenal as per usual. (They named a witness "O...


Free java based Settlers of Catan clone

I wanted to direct your attention to AsoBrain Explorers. This is a great free java based clone of Settlers of Catan and it's expansions. It features ranked and non ranked online play and is an exact copy of the board game, the only reason ...


Apollo Justice Flash Demo

My first blog post will be a short one... Here is the Apollo Justice flash demo, they did this in japanese before but it seems Capcom is doing it for the english version as well. TAKE THAT!


About insomniaone of us since 6:21 PM on 12.14.2006

Welcome to my blog.

I'm a 26 year old gamer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, who was brought up with PC games and Nintendo. My first gaming experiences where on the MSX and the C64 but the first game that I really remember playing was Prince of Persia on my 80286 PC.
After that I was hooked on games, especially the Lucas Arts and Sierra adventure games engaged me in a way I never thought possible before that. The day I saw a NES at a friends place with Super Mario Bros. on it I had to get one and after whining a lot my father finally got me one... Mario, Zelda, Metroid... they where all mine to play now and ate up so many hours of my childhood, I was a Nintendo kid and my love for Nintendo's games remain till this day.
I took a break from console gaming after the SNES era even though I stuck with PC games for the entire time. I had a gamecube which I didn't own many games for because I only bought it to play Metroid Prime. A few years back I bought a Nintendo DS on a whim. The DS rekindled my love for console gaming and got me to keep up with gaming news (here on Destructoid) and also got me to buy a Wii.

I also own a European TF2 server:

Host/IP: ares.ams-sec.org:27015

Some of my all time favourite games are:

* Monkey Island 1/2 (PC)
* Day of the Tentacle (PC)
* Civilization 4 (PC)
* Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
* Super Mario World (SNES)
* Fallout 1/2 (PC)
* The Ace Attorney Series (DS)
* The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES)
* The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
* Chrono Trigger (SNES)
* Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura (PC)
* Portal (PC)
* Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
* Knights of the Old Republic (PC)
* Super Smash Bros. Melee (GCN)
* Sam and Max: Hit the Road (PC)
* Super Metroid (SNES)
* Metroid Prime (GCN)
* Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS)
* Team Fortress 2 (PC)

Games currently playing:

* Audiosurf [PC]
* The Witcher [PC]
* Team Fortress 2 [PC]
* Civilization IV [PC]
* Zack & Wiki [Wii]

Game Machines I own(ed):

* Many PC's
* Gamecube
* Wii
* Nintendo DS