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Goat Simulator is Evil Feminist Propaganda

I'll start by reassuring you, dear reader, that I am not sexist.  So if anything you read after this looks sexist to you, then please refer back to my first sentence for indisputable proof of the opposite.  In fact, someone of my best frien...


Online Passes: Jim Sterling Doesn't Get It

I'm going to get right to the point: video game developers owe us nothing. The word "capitalism" is getting used a lot in this conversation, often by people who, in its use, are revealing their ignorance of its meaning. Whenever one makes...


Labor Day: Eve Online is a Job in Space

If you've played EVE Online, then you pretty much know how this story is going to go. The EVE Online community is an elite club whose only membership requirement is having done 8 hours of waiting as an ultimate end-game user experience, ma...


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