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All 3 came on first time. Need to get the cable mgmt done and case together, but they're basically done. Preview from the inside. I'm kinda jealous because the amount of RGB on this one is perfect and looks good, especially in motion. More to come.


It begins. Building all 3 at once with my friend/part-time tech. Seems like a good way to achieve full parity across all of them, especially in regards to cable management.


That stubborn friend of mine texted me Saturday night to let me know he buckled and is back with his girlfriend. He's a good guy, he's just a bit different is all. I'm not used to love either so I get it. I also finished Watchmen! I might rewatch it, A


No particular reason this cold open of SNL is good, but I smiled a couple of times. Political Christmas dinner conversations. Happy Sunday fam.


Toys! Three PC builds for a father and his two children. I think they all play VR together. Mom brought me the parts and I am going to assemble them all part by part at the same time.


Dtoid improvemnts: PM email notifications broken? I dont get emails anymre. All avatars are loading as the default unless I refrsh the page. Getting logged off 1 computer when using another one. YouTube posted here cant be fullscreen for some reason. 8/10


I think this looks really really good, despite what Peter G over at Flixist thinks (remember him?). I'm a real sucker for a female lead having to overcome unfair odds and all that. I never saw the original though.


Great, I have to move some heavy furniture bc my friend is an old stubborn man who can't apologize to the last good woman he'll ever meet. I tell him he's dismissive of people and their feelings and he replies with info on the U Haul.


Excellent news! The funniest show on TV is back in January! Curb Your Enthusiasm! Yay!! That's pretty, pretty, pretty good. And I hope everyone's week is off to a good start.


This guy gets the spirit of Thanksgiving


Went out last night with friend Rachael (next to me) to the gayborhood & had way too much fun. Tonight I'm restless. JP game is too much work, Death Stranding seems intimidating but I should get back into it. Hmm. Anyways.. Cheers to everyone.


Stadia being cleverly implemented into the console wars series.


Watching season 3 of Atypical. It's a sweet show about a kid on the spectrum and his family. It's cute, funny, and I really like the characters. Check it out sometime.


Completed my first island last night in JP: Evolution. I think I'm old and have moved on to the management gaming life. Also, I'm not one for OSTs but this one is just really beautiful and you can't go wrong with it. Peace and Love, folks.


I was doing some thinking and.. There has to be better terms for a BJ then blow and suck, since those really aren't the actions performed. Tounge cradling?


Extremely true. It's about pointless to upgrade your lightsaber emitters and sleeves etc, as you can't even see it in your hand barely. The Ponchos are boring. I guess it kinda shows what EA will budget for cosmetics when there's no monetization involved.


Went to check on a senior who my friend and I hadn't heard from in awhile and Teddy (28 lbs) ate a whole cube of rat poison. Gave him spoonful of hydro.peroxide to induce vomiting. Anyone have experience with this? Present company think he'll be okay..


Saw this picture so I had to look it up. Kathrine Switzer had the audacity to enter the Boston Marathon and the organizer decided to try and scare her away from it. Short 3-minute summary video.


Playing Jedi:Fallen Order on Jedi Master difficulty, which his one below the hardest. So far it's really satisfying. Combat is deep. Things are happening and it's very entertaining in a single player Respawn kind of way. I think it's a winner.


Conan did a bit on the Sonic redesign. It amused me more than it should've.


Not sure I can stomach one or more weeks of listening to the Republicans constantly spin and pervert the truth in this impeachment as they defend a well-known bullshit artist con-man. Grrrr.


If anyone wants to see the birthday thing with Death Stranding.. pics in comments. (As soon as I refresh and can post them, please)


I turned 37 today. Wanted just to sit and play Death Stranding all day but I made the day more about making sure Teddy got to enjoy the nice weather, while it last. No gifts aside from a few cold ones. Just happy to be alive, in all honestly. Love yall.


Imagine getting a My Buddy doll when you were a kid. It'd be like, "You know how you have no friends and no one wants to play with you?" Lol.


I just received my car title in the mail! No more $450 monthly payments on my 2016 Elantra limited, which will be nice. Shame it's value is so low now for as good of shape it's in and under 20k mileage. Oh well, it's mine.


The Targets nearby me must be like partially a model auditioning place.. it's nuts. Too bad I suck really bad at small talk w/ random people, especially in stores. Even if a cashier tries it I usually go into shock and can't think of a good response.


Have had this saved for the right time.. this one goes out to Steel Squirrel, lol


Happy birffday Chris! Hope the weather there is pleasant and not too nippy! And we're nearly birffday twins, only 5 days apart :) Scorpios... passionate, yeah


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