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T- 20 minutes. SpaceX NASA launch, 2nd attempt. Hell yeah!


About a week ago I spoke on the political division between all the people I grew up with, mostly white. I have to say I got on FB and I'm extremely impressed w/ them. They get it. They didn't yell foxnews talking points but they spoke about the injustice.


Escape from Tarkov wiping everyone tomorrow. Good time to get in if anyone is interested. My friend and I could use a third. How good is this video though. I play like a Chad, but might try being a rat.


What Happens If You Can’t Pay Rent? | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Good information!


SpaceX and NASA launch live on YouTube right now. T- 37min. Very cool!


The new Seinfeld special sucked. Guess it's meant for a different generation. For a guy that celebrates the art of joke telling, I do believe time has moved on. What else is new on tv? I need to finish my 3rd session of the Sonic movie.


Totally 90s. It's a guilty pleasure and somehow one of the greatest pop rock songs of all time.


Part of me doesn't like traveling, but I also haven't seen my family in like 4 years bc they're all big Trump supporters and it's all very depressing. Now I'm kinda speaking up on FB and it's not helping. That people are okay with him is 😡😡😡. Adv


Goodbye Homeland. It's been a wonderful ride since 2011. Carrie the "Drone Queen" Mathison, you have kept so many entertained. Perfect ending to the series. God bless.


I finished the latest season of Better Things. I can't relate at all to a show about a single mom with 3 girls, but it's done well and Pamela Adlon is just amazing (voice of Bobby Hill). Reminds me of Louie (co-producer) and a bit of High Maintenance.


Loba, the new character in Apex Legends, is awesome. Besides being able to make great use of all her powers, her badonkadonk is quite nice. Her keister. Hiney. Tuchus.


Oh no, Fred Willard has passed. I liked all his old roles in the mockumentaries and such, but over the last several years I've enjoy him playing goofy characters on Jimmy Kimmel bits. RIP to this one of a kind guy.


Decided to buy the Braava Jet m6 "mop" robot. The Roomba s9+ is on the way. Anyways, this thing is ridiculously good at it's job. Needs a little more training but my floors are looking gooood. Pics in comments


"Believing everything doesn't make you noble, it makes you gullible. And leaves us with a world where Republicans don't care about this stuff, so it's a unilateral weapon that's used only against Dems" Preach. The world is at risk here. Take it seriously.


I'm waiting for the next streaming service: "Nextflix". The whole series at once please. Because one year later, I can't remember the last season very well.


I finished Hunters on Amazon last night. Really great show. Just the first 5 minutes of the first episode.. Omg. I've rewatched that scene 8 times just for the acting alone. The series hits notes of action, drama, history so well. Pacino was really good.


Small collection. My friend cucked some of my snow cone yesterday. Drank it all in a matter of seconds. I'm like, "I usually drink that over the course of a couple of hours".


#unpopularOpiniontoid SOMA was bad. Easy to get lost, not scary, bad story/ending. The atmosphere was the only good thing about it.


Burger King tacos are basically crispy Hot Pockets. They're in the same style as Jack in the Box tacos and are so damn good. Also, I wish all my food came in Hot Pocket form.


Woke up and had a thought about how I hadn't listened to Ween in a long time and now it's #WeenAllWeekend. Here's a great story song, which of course, has a good twist at the end. Like all good story songs. Buenos.


I need some Ween every once in awhile. 1/2


Me just getting a mount finally


Been puttin' in that work w/ FFXIV. My level 30 Arcanist, finally with a mount.


Read that bigger chains like Ruth Chris, Shake Shack and Potbelly all got like $10-$20mil in relief that was intended for actual small businesses. But even for actual small bizs getting loans, isnt the money just going to the wealthy landlords in the end?


Forgot I had bought the board game Plague Inc back in 2018. Pulled it out Wednesday and friend was like, "Can we play it!?" We made a special rule that when you lost a country, the person to the right of you had to cough on you. It was fun.


Resubscribed to FFXIV. Here is my dunce looking character Cuzi Loto. One day he will be worth a damn, I hope. On realm Coeurl, if someone happens to be on there also..


Indubitably the best Ozzy song he's made in about 2 decades. Needs more play.


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