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#8GuestsDeadOrAliveDinnerParty David Spade & Chris Farley is a lock. Then Mark Twain, Bruce Lee, Doug Stanhope, Typhoid Mary, James Carville and Jesus Christ. In reality I should probably save a spot for a good friend to get to share the experience with.


Speak amongst yourselves: College Rules neither has people that have been to college, nor rules. Discuss.


I went full on unicorn vomit with the power supply cable mods. Friend wants me to get RGB RAM, but I think that might be a little much. ..Right?


Holy crap!! Starcraft Ghost footage. https://kotaku.com/it-seems-an-playable-xbox-build-of-starcraft-ghost-has-1841731450


This weekend will probably be a lot of sitting around a fire drinking beers in the cold, playing with a bow, and some gaming too I guess. Maybe Dave & Busters. What ch'all up to?


Valentine's Day bit, stupidest holiday ever. Cute short man-on-the street bit asking guys simple questions about their partners. Funny.


Someone made a RE2 Remake Headshot mod so headshots are a thing now, and they also made ammo more scare (not dynamic I believe). I guess I'm now interested in playing it. I did not enjoy putting 8 shots into the head of a basic ass zombie before it died.


Yang suspended his campaign 😞 Also the 3 winners will be Sanders Buttigieg & Klobuchar. Also, Doom on Ultra-violence beat me. I can't do the 2nd round of Hell Guards where there are 2 of 'em. Or not worth it to me. Oh well.


New Hampshire so far: 30% Klobuchar, Sanders and Warren 15%, Yang at 11%. FYI the caucus is 95% white people, and 70% of turnout was over 45.


Started a thread in Google's Android forums about them horribly implementing auto-punctuation in dictation & boy did it take off. Nearing 800 comments & upvotes. The Verge website picked up on it and linked to it also, lol. https://bit.ly/37bZ3vf


Found a reason to hook up the SNES Classic. Playing Tetris Attack vs mode Which is something we used to do on her Compaq Presario back in like 2002 via emulation. Good stuff.


There goes the long hair. Hope the weekend for those with downtime includes doing something fun. I have my bbf/mex-american sister coming down to stay a night or two so we'll party a bit. Mainly just talking, music and some drinking. 😎 #selfietoid


So I watched the entire 1976 xxx parody of Alice in Wonderland last night, and it's actually really good. It was entertaining, conceptualized really well and often laugh out loud funny. Look it up sometime; would fap to again. #destructoidafterdark


Started this post yesterday. Wow, 98 replies all agreeing that the dictation is BROKEN! I'm clearly not the only one, and I really hope Google sees this and does something about it. But the forums responder tells me to practice talking better 😡😡😡


Buttigieg 27%, Sanders 25%, Warren 18% and Biden 16%. Not representative of every state, but it's what we have for now.


So I dictate using Google Voice typing. And now if I pause for a second while thinking of how to say the next part of the sentence, it is inserting periods. Where they don't belong. It blows!


KC coach won the Super Bowl on his 222nd game on 02/02/2020. That's a lot of twos! Isn't that interesting?


Weekend goals. Going to see a really good Beatles cover band at a Roadhouse while hanging with three friends. Then a friend is setting aside time to play Squad with me. Also maybe escape from tarkov. What fun weekend events are y'all up to?


FLIGHT SIM DAY! Omg omg. Time to run some errands to the post office and return from Amazon stuff and I'll be checking it out this afternoon after 80 gigs downloads.


I had a child with the father from Dirty Dancing. He is Baby Daddy. (Happy Friday, enjoy an original dumb good bad joke)


Reminds me of fun computer software from the early 90's. This stupid goose causes chaos on your computer, and it's actually pretty well done.


Wreckfest multiplayer on PC is a lot of fun. I played like 3 hours this weekend and the servers are busy and the player base seems like a fun and devilish bunch. It's brutal though! Chaotic and brutal.


Kobe died!?!?!? WHAT Here's where I saw him last. Seemed like a really nice guy. https://www.local10.com/news/local/2020/01/26/kobe-bryant-dies-in-california-helicopter-crash/


Short interview with the founder of PETA. I never really thought about the organization much and most of the media coverage in my life has been about protesters splashing paint on people wearing fur, but my god, this woman is a saint.


Happy Friday. What do y'all have planned for the weekend? I'm going to catch up with my old man friend later, food & beer. Otherwise this weekend will be Escape from Tarkov, maybe some Siege, Sea of Thieves & The Messenger. And more Witcher 3.


I'm drenched in early 90's weirdness from watching this.


"Thou shalt commit adultery" Yeah, so there really is a Wicked Bible. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wicked%20


Btw, thanks for the help with Bloodstained the other night. All those hints were perfect. I'll put what I missed in comments. I just hate looking up stuff online in regards to where to go to next.


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