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Promising Young Woman was a great watch yesterday. Highly recommend.


Teddy with the slumping posture, just makes me smile. Little bunny feet.


Picked Bloodborne back up. Played it like a boss until I got to that first boss. Died swiftly twice. He rushes me so hard, I suppose I'm supposed to retreat, wait for him to come at me and then blunderbuss stun him? He's so fast and it's dark af.p


Katy Perry doing Firework for the inaugural and the biggest damn fireworks display ever. Love it.


Edwin Poots issues jelly and gravy shortage warning.


This was the best New Rules segment I've seen in a while.


After a stressful start with work this year, this week has been awesome. One of my new customers today brought me Tito's as a gift. This stuff is very good on it's own, but any suggestions on something to mix it with?


Congratulations to the fluffers out there on national fluffer's day. The hard work behind the scenes comes from these essential workers and deserves this day of recognition. Godspeed.


Now in the capital. And my bff was called in to DC for National Guard. Going to miss his wife's bday and his good friend who bought tickets 6 months ago to visit for the first time in years. Fuck, I just really am worried about his safety.


Never had a more 'women are crazy' moment than now. It's human relationships, guys suck big time also, but my God.. Trying to turn the page and fix maybe a flaw and.. women are crazy.


It's friggin' snowing in Dallas. Hi y'all!!!


Saw blue lives matter trending on Twitter last night and then I found out why. Turns out #bluelivesmatter was only about some racist shit. The videos of these white dudes attacking police and getting maced are fantastic though.


A high end 5th generation AMD board is not compatible with a 5th gen CPU. Nor does it work with a 1st or 2nd gen. Fuck AMD, now I gotta go buy a $200+ compatible CPU I otherwise will have sitting on a shelf doing nothing. I'm so stressed.


I have Georgia on my mind. I think it's going to be okay... I think it's going to be okay. It has to be okay.


It's a sweet song isn't it? EVH was such a good dude.


Mad Skillz 2020 Rap Up.. only 1 day away. Oh lord, it's going to be a LOT. Here's 2019 so if you don't know, now you know.


Fuck pc gamer. Shadow banned twice. I wonder why that brand of gaslighting is allowed on disqus. My offense? They put a MAJOR spoiler in a headline about Cyberpunk. I wasn't polite but I was definitely within reason. Dicks.


Christmas punk! Merry Christmas and if you don't have this in your Christmas song rotation, fix that! It's so goddamn good. Bump!


Cyberpunk is really good! All I'd done until today was mostly side missions (which are great) but I went forward w/ the story and it was a really nice experience. I'm impressed!


*Trump admin looks under their seats* "You get a pardon. YOU get a pardon! Everyone gets a pardon!" Because working with foreign adversaries to try and break our elections is so not a big deal.


Best wishes to John Mulaney. Life is hard. It just says something to know that someone else nearly as cute as me has problems also. (Yeah I went for the joke, otherwise it was tears)


Illusion of Gaia is my game of the year.


Slow day! I guess... Ask me anything.


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