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What y'all know about Crawfish? Just a southern Murica' thing?


"PLAY WITH ME SOME MORE!!!" I can't, help, I'm stuck in Village about 2 hours in. Dammit. Spoilery question in comment.


Damn this feels weird. I have some major redecorating and it'll be fun, but we have a ways to go.


I have no defense on this.


Dragon's Crown Amazon versus 10 ft lady from re8?


Saw this shared on Twitter and I love it. Poster worthy. Just some fan art, J. Prince. Figure some of y'all would dig it.


So I bought a pool table. I love my living room setup but I don't really make use of the couch. Going to turn it into a billiards hangout zone. My back guest bedroom will be a mancave, where I can actually play video games not sitting 12ft from the screen


Once. There was this boy who..


These Nike Playstation 5 shoes look like they came from Kmart. In 2001.


Watched Bad Trip starring Eric Andre last night. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard and loud before. I appreciated it more than Knoxville and Sacha Baron Cohen's prank films. Too damned funny.


Don't ever be like this to people. I don't care if they messed up your reservations or what, dude needs to back the fuck off this poor guy. Thank god most people seem to agree with this perspective.


Video in comments. DMX's huuuge funeral procession w/ some Ruff Ryder's (arf! arf!!) in Brooklyn. And the casket on the back of a monster truck, dayum. Godspeed.


Beautiful day! But now that I've done my time outside, I'm going to beat Miles Morales.


Aaron Neville doing Ave Maria. Really pretty voice.


How did I not know about the #JoshFight? I am the Josh! There is no other. Someone tells me they're a Josh and I think, "you're no Josh". Anyways, it was a real thing. I'm not joshing.


Been meaning to share my love of the new tabs feature in Chrome. Does it make me shove stuff in them that I might not care for in about a couple of days? Sure. But they're suspended and not taking up resources. Anyways, it's a great feature.


Feeling good but situationally bummed out. I self-reported that my plumber never billed me $1250 for the new water heater, ha, and about to spend $900 on Teddy at the vet. And every computer I work on is so jerky. Frustrating. Draining. I m o k r u o k


Not sure which plate is real.. This one or the front one that says HENTAI. Also this reassures that I'm still bad at interpreting vanity plates.


Friend in NG is on standby as of tonight, incase of riots. TODAY. Not 2 days ago, but AFTER the good thing happend. I think tht if stuff went down, they wnted it to look bad bc no NG help. And TX wants the perception to be like "they're still rioting".


Spent a few hours afternoon helping a guy with this thing he's going to strap on his back so he can fly.


Teddy had a mid rear tooth fall out just now. I'm sad. He's fine, he's like nothing happened.. but I'm upset. Dammit.


McDonald's used to be weird as fuck. I definitely recall this party room decor, and some of the other outdoor rides from my childhood.


It's a box. Wonder what it is.


This looks very enjoyable! It's inspired by older Metal Gear games, and has a pretty cool sense of humor. There's a lot of equipment and stuff going on. From the makers of Unepic, which was charming. Oh, it's got a demo now too.


I see so many of these damn commercials that this gave me a good laugh.


Don't mean to be a downer but I woke up in the middle of the night and got on the news. I'd read about this, but between seeing this and Huntington Beach KKK rallies.. I'm just depressed. How you treat people like this? My fault for keeping up w/ the news


This song is a bop. SZA vibes.. so chill. !


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