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The Whitest Kids U Know + Bowser from SMB2 = WIN

This very well could be a repost, but at this point - I do this for those of you who happen by and haven't yet enjoyed the glory that is - "The Tattoo Parlor"

Saw this vid a few months back, and found it very entertaining, so let's do the video now:

(leaving it smaller, cause the video isn't very good and the audio could be a little loud)

And so today, I am looking at some crazy tattoos online, just somehow ended up there - and then I found this beaut:

All I can say is that... Bowser from Super Mario Bros 2 looks freakin' sweet. Awesome tat.

p.s. - I am interested to see how many people can actually enjoy comedy without needing to state the obvious, and how Bowser is only on certain Mario Bros. titles... of which, SMB2 is NOT one of them. So... relax, just ENJOY.
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