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That creepy Wii spokesguy...

"This is not your father's Mario Kart" - WTF?! My father NEVER played Mario Kart, dude...

So, I don't know about you guys, but this dude, TOTALLY creeps me out. I'm ALL pumped for the new Wii trailers, but the fact that this guy is trying to sell me the idea actually HURTS nintendo more than it sells it.

Who made this guy a spokesman? What's his name? Why did I not even bother looking THAT up? I would have much rather heard a 4 year old foreign kid with BAD English skills sell me Mario Kart Wii, than THIS douche... look into his EYES! He has the WORST delivery... maybe this guy rocks at meetings, but this is riCOCKulous.

Point in case:


Yes, this "PROVES YOUR CASE" - the case that, you suck.
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