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NatalieDee.com is full of WIN (UPDATED)


(from the comments section)

you guys are missing the point...

see, i learned something today, there are many kinds of funny. from the funny a stand-up comedian gives you, to the laughter cause a baby that gets knocked over by a dog. But one thing remains, there are things that are funny just because they're so tiny and random, like a quick spark of an idea.

it's like comparing a 360 to an atari - one is amazing and the other one is a classic, although i fear my comparison may not make much sense. think of it in terms of situation, time, age, etc.

and to me, while i wouldn't put on natalie dee after smoking a big bag of grass and considering my entertainment for the night. she has her own charm... and that is what's win.

the fact that it's funny for, apparently, those few of us.

oh well.

also - if the site won't allow hotlinking images apparently - then just right-click + view image - don't be lazy.

i assure you, there is no fail here on MY behalf... but perhaps apparently, only for taste


Back in the day I used to think girls weren't funny - really. Lately, one realizes, girls ARE funny, but in their own way. The catch being, that comedy as we know it is mostly a male-filled enterprise.

Behold! - The might that is Natalie Dee - amazing web comicker!

Finally, if you get a chance google/youtube: MORGAN MURPHY - she may make you laugh. Loud.
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