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Dear CAPCOM: I'm glad there is a ZERO, but just WHERE is BIOHAZARD 2???

I'm sorry guys, but... WTF?! C'mon. I'm glad that this game exists, don't get me wrong, but... I ALREADY played it and enjoyed it. I already have it. And it was excellent.

Your preference of this game or not is irrelevant at this point. Where the HELL is BIOHAZARD 2???

No, don't even show me this shit:

That was pure and transluscent bullshit. And so was #3.

Back in the day, when the Gamecube came out, it was pretty damn sweet - and the graphics, trust me, where amazing. And then people went over with X-Box & PS2 for the next several years as far as the hardcore games were concerned (Aside from the Nintendo brand classics, of course... or the other games that had ALREADY come out). My history lesson may be right or wrong or misdirected, but this is all irrelevant.

THIS came out for Gamecube. And control aside - this was AMAZING. Several years after the now shitty looking RE on the original Playstation came out, this little JEWEL comes out...

And then after enjoying the amazing graphics (for the time) and feel... that still holds up, all of us held our breath for the reincarnation of a masterpiece...

This piece of art came out in 1998... and it made me shit rainbows for weeks. The title is responsible for me being with the girl I am with now (well, that and a blow up mattress - it's not how you visualize it, but thanks for the vote of confidence anyhow) and I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't dreaming of it being re-released on Gamecube.

And it did... but only kinda. I had already been pleasured and spoiled by a title like Resident Evil for Gamecube. Eventually ZERO came out... but when it came time to deliver to me. Nothing.

Now, cut to 10 years later... (hint-hint... Ten Year anniversary Capcom-motherfuckers) - and I get, what? A re-release of Resident Evil 0?! For the Wii... Seriously?! What the fuck?!! What about the SH_game-of-all-SH_games?! (arguably of course)

I can see re-releasing this almost immediately on the Wii... you need something to hold you over. I get it.

EVEN I felt it was a waste of time, we already had it - just recently on Gamecube and it was EXCELLENT. Soo... I get it.

But where the hell is this?!

Even I would SQUINT and imagine I was playing RE2, just to survive the chills of good-graphics RE2 withdrawals.

Don't get me wrong, CAPCOM... I don't need it to be on the Wii.

Make mine a PS3 - Resident Evil 2... Oh My. I need to change my underwear. There's a leprechaun in my pants... and fried gold.
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