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School Days mean throat-slitting

For some unknown reason while I was surfing through YouTube for a trailer for Squeenix's The Last Remnant, a spoof of a School Days (bad)ending showed up. Its morbid cuteness warrants a post here, for reasons I still can't put to words. Her...


Rambling and DS inferiority complexes

Punctuation is bad for your health Rambling has always been a problem of mine. So yeah, I basically suck as a writer. Thank God that I finally encountered Yahtzee Croshaw. He proves that sometimes rambling can be a good thing. Archaic Seal...


No online consoles here

MMO gaming on consoles isn't new. It's been around since the last generation of console hardware; thank Phantasy Star Online on the not-so-fortunate Dreamcast for that. What's sad though, is that it seems that the concept of online gaming ...


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