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School Days mean throat-slitting

For some unknown reason while I was surfing through YouTube for a trailer for Squeenix's The Last Remnant, a spoof of a School Days (bad)ending showed up. Its morbid cuteness warrants a post here, for reasons I still can't put to words. Her...


Rambling and DS inferiority complexes

Punctuation is bad for your health Rambling has always been a problem of mine. So yeah, I basically suck as a writer. Thank God that I finally encountered Yahtzee Croshaw. He proves that sometimes rambling can be a good thing. Archaic Seal...


China needs a 'toid, otherwise they'd kill people

So yeah, there's this annoying Chinise sociologist that says that it's 4chan's (teh intarwubs) fault that their kids are killing themselves and stuff. They say that addiction to electronic online gaming causes their youth to have a lower ...


No online consoles here

MMO gaming on consoles isn't new. It's been around since the last generation of console hardware; thank Phantasy Star Online on the not-so-fortunate Dreamcast for that. What's sad though, is that it seems that the concept of online gaming ...


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