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Prototype IS Ultimate Spider-Man

Actually, this post should be title Prototype is Ultimate Spider-Man. Part 2.

More specifically, Prototype is a continuation of the Venom Sections of Ultimate Spider-Man. There are so many undeniable similarities.

The Setting

Immediately obvious is the fact that both of them take place in Manhattan. When playing Prototype for the first time I was greeted with a sense of deja vu. Where have I done this before? Of course! Ultimate Spider-Man!

Well, now you're saying, "What about all the other games that are set in New York?". Well, that's when the next part comes in.

The Moves

One of the first moves you'll use in Prototype is the jump. Alex Mercer can jump massive distances, which is very useful for getting around the city fast. You know what? Venom can too. Both Mercer and Venom can leap massie distances, climb upon buildings, and suck up civilians for health. Not only that they both have moves which allow them to smash enemies faces into the ground and break their backs (okay Mercer just kinda rips 'em in half, but you get the idea). Oh, and there's that tentacle whip thing too. And tossing cars at helicopters. Mercer is pretty much Venom on crack.

The Missions

So there are those go beat up those guys missions in Spider-Man right? In Prototype there are the go kill those guys missions. But what do you expect right? That proves nothing. Well there are the race missions. But those are in other sandbox games too, right? Yea, but they don't use that similar sphere checkpoint system that both Prototype and Spider-Man use. And the medal ranks.

Okay so those are kinda weak examples. But what about that level in Prototype where you have to chase down the hunter? In mission 15 you have to follow a Hunter Leader, then consume him. It even shows a distance meter similar to the ones in the chase missions of Ultimate Spider-Man...

Closing Comments

Anyone who has played both Ultimate Spider-Man and Prototype will be able to see what I'm talking about. The feel of both games is incredibly similar. Not to mention that they are both published by Activision though.

Of course, all of these similarities could be coincidences... right?

Next, I shall compare Freedom Fighters and Red Faction:Guerrilla.
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