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Nintendo Fanboys are scary...

Apparently this is a parody of a thread over on Smashboards, so no it isn't real. But he's doing a good job of being a creepy psycho fanboy.....

g...good job?....hell now I'm just confused.

Seriously.... what the fuck

By request, more text!

This dude, ^ that one up there, is probably the most insane fanboy I've seen on video. I've seen some crazy motherfucks on forums going off their heads at the most inane comments. But this guy. He takes the cake.

He uses "..." in his speech, for example. "And thart gamestop NUB waz orl liek dot dot dot dot dot dot". Nub and nublet and all that other bullshit jargon spouted by dumbasses who think they're too cool for school.

And look at his face, just look at it. That shit makes me ill.
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