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If Jack Thompson wasn't hell bent on...

...completely destroying any game with violence, he could actually prove a point about minors playing them.

Think about games you grew up with, can you compare the likes of Contra, Streets of Rage and Worms with the types of Condemned, Silent Hill and Grand Theft Auto?, there is a fact you need to understand that kids are playing these games.
In this argument he is correct, we're getting very sloppy with censorship rules for violent titles and exposing kids to too much explicit language and violence these days. Too many sales are also getting away with it which I find very cruel because of the obvious purchases from game or multimedia store clerks selling them to children or parent/relative present while in risk of a huge fine if caught out. (Although thankfully I have a friend who actually asks for ID on purchase if she doubts it)

Hearing and witnessing 8 year olds on Xbox Live Marvel Ultimate Alliance with racial slurs talking about GTA: SA really brought me down and I just wanted to address the issue.

Picture source: /v/

Also related, Probotectors > Contra gang.
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