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Don't Wake Me Up

I've just spent what feels like hours travelling through the dark, twisted woods that lead down to the lake. With every flicker of movement, every change in the shadows, I nervously look, snapping my head from side to side, making sure I'm ...


Realism vs Fantasy: Licence to Thrill?

Fantasy vs Realism: Licence to Thrill Many of us, it can be argued, play games as a form of escapism. Be it getting away from the hectic world of work, trying to forget about our troubles, or simple enjoying the feeling of losing ourselves...


Old...and rubbish?

First of all, Holiday greetings to all, and best wishes for 2011. Because Iíll inevitably forget to say so at any other time! Having come out of the Christmas period (relatively) unscathed, I got to thinking about what to write about next....


Why Gaming IS Perfect.

Let's be honest. As a bunch of people, us gamers are pretty quick to criticise. We're all at it - as soon as we don't like something, we're not shy about voicing our concerns. But with Christmas drawing near, the season of joviality and c...


Disenfranchised Part 1

Just recently, something has been really bugging me. Like, really bugging me. But could I place my finger on it? Heck, no! It came to the point where I was being bugged by the feeling of something bugging me; a self-perpetuating spiral of a...


The Gaming Snob.

Hi. My name's Ian. I've got to admit...I feel a little awkward. I've never stood up in front of so many people and tried to admit this. goes. I am....a gaming snob. There, I said it. I'm a snob, I admit it. It never used to b...


A Belated Introduction.

Well, good evening. Or morning. Or possibly afternoon, you're unlikely to read this as I'm writing it. Unless you're looking over my shoulder. Are you? Well, stop it. Right then. Though I might introduce myself to the community. This isn't...


I Suck At Games 1: Single Player Frustration

Now don't get me wrong. I'm by no means terrible at games. I'm just not particularly amazing. Give me any game on 'normal, 'standard', or 'Grow Some Goddamn Balls' mode, and I'll rattle trough it. I might die a few times, or plant my supe...


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Ian. 24. Hail from a small town in Kent, England.

Currently in possession of an X360 and PS3 (aka The Glorified DVD Player). A Wii has joined the party.

Previously encumbered with:
SEGA Master System II
Game Boy Colour (it counts).

Favourite game of all time...changes on a day to day basis.

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I might make this pretty when I can be bothered.

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