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PLAYSTATION®Network portable ID! YAY?

Around 3 PM today, I got an email from PSN telling me that I am worthy of obtaining a PSN portable ID. This ID, which will supposedly rock your world, is pretty bland, and a disappointment, compared to some of the X360 and non-Sony gamertag...


Warhawk Special Announcement! (Yours for only $29.99)

If you haven't purchased Warhawk yet, and own a PS3, now is the perfect time to get what all the cool kids are playing. From today until April 14th, Warhawk is available for download at the Playstation Store for only $29.99. As you can te...


Free *legal* games anyone?

I don't know if anyone here has heard of this, but over at CAG, Full_Throttle posted a link to some free games (yes, its legal). He says there that the reason that it is legal is because the games have ads in the menus, which is not a big d...


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