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Kart Rider: Freebie Review


Greetings once again Dtoid NationÖ

A few weeks ago, I was roaming around the site and ran across an Advertisement for a free game called KartRider. It looked fairly entertaining so I decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, itís a fairly decent game.

If you have ever played Mario Kart, this is basically a clone, however, itís online. It also has MMORPG elements, as in you can rank up your driver to new levels by obtaining experience points when winning races. Are there any true benefits of Ranking up your Driver? No. You get some Lucci Loot and can buy a few little things, however, it doesnít give you any type of real advantage in the game. It just make 1 of the 7 little characters you chose from look even more ridiculous than it already did.

There are basically 2 modes of gameplay, Speed Mode, which I have yet to play, but consists of having the fastest lap times. Then there is Item Mode, which is what I enjoy playing. Item Mode is basically the Mario Kart clone of this game. You drive around one of around 20 tracks and pick up items to impale your opponent with or give yourself a much appreciated speed boost.

Graphically itís pretty bland, although the colors are nice, and you have a slight Japanese anime impression when playing (probably intentional, if you are like me, you just install and play).

I know this sounds like a rushed review for KartRider, however, itís really not. The game is as shallow as the kiddie pool at Six Flags. In the end, itís still fun and worth the free download.

As Always,

Have a great Day Dtoid Nation..

And Happy Gaming!
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