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On the maturity of video games

I just watched the new Saint's Row 2 trailer, in which they draw a contrast between going bowling (as in GTA4) and stealing a sewage truck and spraying shit all over pedestrians.

Who the hell are they trying to draw in with this trailer? Have you been playing GTA4, enjoying it but secretly thinking that it would be just that much better if you could cover unsuspecting pedestrians with fecal matter? This is the same Jackass shit that the Tony Hawk series devolved into, and the reason the GTA series is still good is that it stands on its own merits rather than resorting to "YEAH SPRAY THAT SHIT ALL OVER THE OLD PEOPLE ROCK ON BROHEIM!!!"

Maybe I'm in the minority (considering GTA's sales I doubt it), but I like the GTA games because they remind me of the types of stylish, gritty crime movies I so enjoy. Said stylish, gritty crime movies do not, as a rule, feature such sophomoric bullshit as what's depicted in the Saint's Row trailer. Maybe they're trying to draw in the people who bought the licensed Jackass games, but I would hope that most people with half a brain would opt for something a bit more intelligent than SR2.

Oh, also I got stoned for the first time last night. It basically ruled.
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