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Open Letter to Feminist Frequency

Dear Anita Sarkeesian,

First of all, congratulations on obliterating your $6000 goal and amassing $158,917 in total donations. I understand you are to play a number of games and make a series of videos highlighting the negative aspects concerning the female characters from a female's point of view. Tearing things apart is certainly a valid way of critiquing art (if I may be so bold); but I'm a firm believer in negativity begets negativity and positive change occurs through constructive acts. That being said, I ask you to consider taking some of your excess earnings and using it to fund a small team to develop a game you would be happy to play. By "small team", I'm thinking one programmer and one artist working on a game you can host on your site as an example of well-written female characters. I am not asking you to be the lead designer of a video game, as I know that is not your background, but I think you can call for pitches, decide on a good team and review their work until it is something you'd be proud to recommend to somebody else.

I hope this does not come off as me saying "hurrr, I'd like to see you do better than what we have!" as I do not intend that. I am just one of those hopeless fools that has devoted their life to video games for better or worse and I want to make the industry the best it can be and include everybody. I feel the best way to change videos games for the better is by creating something to provide a clear example of your position.
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