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10 Things You Always Wished You Knew About Hushlorentz And Finally Can!

You know the drill! Also if you don't feel like reading my mouth-words, there are some TL;DR accompanying pictures!


1. Dtoid
I used to avoid Dtoid because Jim Sterling was fighting with some people on the internet and the only news I got was how terrible people on this site were. Then somehow I found out about Backlog and started hanging out with Conrad every night watching him play old games and the people were not terrible. From there I started to read the articles and got to know the contributors and eventually found the cBlogs. Today Jim Sterling is one of my favorite people and my Twitter is full of awesome Dtoid people who actually write back when I spout inane bullshit at them. <3 After 18 or so years of internetting, it is the only place I call home. My Megaton! I hope to meet you one day at one of the various PAXseses!
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About hushlorentzone of us since 10:55 PM on 09.17.2011

I'm Rich, a 32 year old programmer. I make games with a friend. I've loved games since they came on cassette tapes (what are these?!) but the first game to steal my heart was Super Mario Bros. 3. My two favourite consoles are the SNES and PS2. I have an incredible backlog on both systems that I'm trying to get through while balancing playing new games. I like way more games than I don't so I could never be a reviewer. I think if you put your soul into something and don't compromise your principles, then it is worthy of showing to someone.

Favourite Games (or games that changed my life):

Super Mario 3
Mega Man 2
Super Mario World
Link to the Past
Final Fantasy IV
Doom II
The Pandora Directive
Mario 64
Final Fantasy VII
Pokemon Blue
Mirror's Edge
Uncharted 2
Fallout 3
Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time

Twitters: @hushlorentz
Where I Work: @GreenPixelDev
Our First Game: BlockHopper
PSN ID:hushlorentz
Steam ID:hushlorentz


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