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Can't believe I missed out on this development from Itagaki's Facebook. I'd be absolutely stoked to see him make another game, despite its numerous blatant shortcomings I still had a blast with Devil's Third.


https://twitter.com/CentroLeaks/status/1349811012044775427 And the Pokemon Diamond/Pearl remake rumors have begun...


Damn it, I didn't know Caturday was still a thing


For those that need a nice break from it all, consider tuning into a hololive stream and let the comfy nature of it wash away.


Finally beat Death Stranding after 93 hours. What a phenomenal game, easily better than MGSV! Teared up quite a bit at the finale. Can't wait to see where KojiPro goes from here.


I wasn't able to play much of Folklore for the PS3 since I'm STILL wrapping up Death Stranding (end of Ep 8, 78 hours in), but from what little I've played I like it. It really feels like a passion project so far.


Death Stranding is a fantastic game, but man it can be as long as you let it be. 60 hours in, almost done Ep 5, and mostly spent it getting 5 stars and building roads. And yet despite that there's something that keeps me coming back.


Can you really say you have a good video game if there's no cute critters to pet in it? Cyberpunk and MGSV have the option, ergo they are good


Image is from https://twitter.com/RCSRex/status/1339289191620911106 All I have to say is that I hope this new armor doesn't stay in MCC for long, because goddamn does it look hideous like something scrapped from Halo 5.


Even though I'm only 29 hours into Death Stranding, I'm still really excited to see how KojiPro celebrates their 5 year anniversary.


More than anything, the poor reviews of Medal of Honor VR on steam really bum me out. I guess there was a reason why there was barely any gameplay shown off for ages.


Its almost Christmas and I just realized there arent much games set around the holidays. I dont mean X-mas themed events, I mean something like Dead Rising 4, Yakuza 2/5, or even Christmas NiGHTS.


Destiny 2 Servers are at full capacity again. I was seriously hoping Bungie was more prepared this time after what happened with Forsaken's launch, I get that COVID hurts a lot but I'm bummed out since Yakuza 7 is currently downloading.


Daily reminder to go thrifting whenever possible. You can get some neat finds, I just walked away with a Pokemon Silver cartridge (not sure about the status of the internal battery though...)


ATCHUNG ATCHUNG According to a Polygon article, P.T will not work on PS5, nor can you transfer it back to PS4. If you're planning on getting one, please don't try to transfer it!


https://twitter.com/teamspooky/status/1324037162698944514 Press F to pay respects to Sega's arcade business


Mind you I'm just a wee canuck, but to our neighbors down south I hope you all stay safe out there.


Still waiting to see if Dead Island 2 even comes out, so I went back and replayed the original to kill time. It's super flawed but the combat feels great, and with some podcasts in the background it just becomes an addicting timesink.


I really cant help but wonder how Halo Infinite would've ended up had it released this year as planned.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jl8GPxxu9c Probably late, but I just got up and I'm stoked to find out NMH got ports on Switch at 60fps!


Anyone else find it weird that we haven't seen much Far Cry 6 gameplay? By E3 2017 we at least saw some of Far Cry 5, and FC6 is coming out next February apparently


Hello world? I find it pretty cool that this site still allows for blogs. Can't think of much game sites that have this now.


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