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Revisiting Far Cry 2

If there's one thing Ubisoft deserves credit for, it's for their remarkable handling of the Far Cry franchise. While I'm not the biggest fan of the 2004 original I still give it props for being one hell of a landmark title in it's day,...


Looking at Destiny 2's post-Activision expansions.

When Bungie separated from Activision back in 2019, thousands if not millions of Destiny players rejoiced, excited that their favorite studio was finally freed from the shackles of their nefarious publisher overlords. And with the anti...


Where does the Epic Games Store go from here?

Epic's Game Store certainly got off to quite the rocky start back in 2019. I certainly haven't forgotten the time they snatched up numerous Steam games just to make them arbitrary exclusives, nor have I forgotten the rage that ensued o...


A look back at Far Cry 1

2004's Far Cry certainly stands out nowadays as one of the more unique entries in the series. It was the first game Crytek had ever worked on, and it certainly was quite a leap in tech compared to its competition. Yet despite how much ...


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