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Been curious about the Gunvolt series and will finally check them out soon. Picked this up today during my afternoon walk (currently 90 degrees out there!).


Greetings D-Toid. Has anyone played Wizard of Legend here? Is this worth checking out? Apparently it's a rogue like game and wanted to know how it compares to games like Dead Cells/Enter the Gungeon/Binding of Isaac. Please share your thoughts. Thank you.


After approximately 3 and a half weeks I finally completed a run in Everspace. Phew! Only took 69 (chuckle) tries. Going to put this game down now and move on to something else. Great game for you rogue like fans. Thanks to D-Toid for the recommendation!


It's time for a Chicago style hot dog.


I look forward to picking up a PS5 around Christmas time 2021. Hopefully all the bugs have been worked out by then. Plus the launch titles should be cheaper.


Got some goodies in the mail today. I did not expect the Ys game to come in a nice box. Apparently it comes with a CD soundtrack and 12 illustration cards. Too bad Amazon never puts these editions inside a shipping box (small dent on top-left corner).


Coming soon .... Billy & Teddy "Fuck To Music"


Tip! Darksiders: Genesis only $14.99 for PS4 on Amazon. Didn't pull the trigger when it released, but may pick it up at this price. I liked the previous entry quite a bit and this Diablo-esque looking one may be a fun romp.


Sunday Night B-Movie Choice: "Robowar". Epic 80s Italian trash that is clearly a rip off of Predator (with a dash of Robocop). Starring Reb Brown from Space Mutiny. Worth a watch for the bad acting and robot gibberish. Also available on Amazon Prime Video


**PSA** PS4 Back Button Attachment back in stock at Best Buy. Been looking for this thing for a while now, but it has been sold out for months. Resellers really taking advantage online. Looking forward to remapping L3/R3 buttons soon. Link in comments.


Question about Mother Russia Bleeds. How does it compare to the recent Streets of Rage 4 or River City Girls? Worth picking up? LRG & SRG releasing physical copies and curious if it's worth it. [**Thanks for the feedback**]


#90stoid The Box. It exposed me to so many artists from various genres. Music television YOU control!


Heads up for those of you who ordered the physical copy of Streets of Rage 4 from Limited Run Games.


Tip! Everspace: Stellar Edition only $12.99 for PS4 on Amazon. Didn't pull the trigger when it released, but may pick it up at this price. Worth playing?


Happy Mother's Day to all D-Toiders mom's and moms to be.


Happy birthday, Absolutfreak! Enjoy your day.


Indigo Prophecy/Farenheit. A physical copy is being sold on Limited Run Games. Considering adding a copy to purchase with Streets of Rage. Never played it, but recall the hype surrounding the release. Worth playing? Does it stand the test of time? Y or N?


Yo D-Toid! Whatchu drankin' nowadays? Today's choice.


#scratchtoid Easily one of my favorite routines. 100% pure vinyl - no digital - and 7-inch records to boot.


Howdy gang! I just noticed that Risk of Rain 2 for PS4 (physical copy) is under $15 on Amazon. Been curious about it, but never played the first one. Apparently this comes with both ROR1 & ROR2. Is this game fun? Worth picking up? Please advise. Thank you


TIP! Watch Tiger King on Netflix. Our very own BoxMan posted about it a while back. I couldn't stop watching it. Binged it all day. Just now (11 pm) going to bed ... lol. Don't want to spoil anything, but I highly recommend it, especially for crime buffs.


FYI Possible delay for those of you who ordered DOOM Eternal via Amazon. Check your emails.


Officially "working" from home today. University locked down all buildings. Graduations held in May canceled. Currently playing Children Of Morta which I HIGHLY recommend. Combination of Diablo style hack & slash + rogue elements. Hope you are all safe!


Doom Eternal pre-orders unavailable. Does anyone know why the Amazon listings have been removed? Was going to pre order today, but now they are gone. Possible delay? [EDIT] Looks like it's live again. Placing order now.


Happy birthday to the one they call Bass. Enjoy your day, sir!


Serious question for the metal heads here. Is Jon Mikl Thor taken seriously or is his schtick a joke? I only know him from some horrible b-movies he made, but apparently he has his own Canadian metal band. Also "Rock & Roll Nightmare" is a must see.


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