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About hood_954one of us since 10:28 PM on 10.23.2007

Helloooo Destructoid!

I'm a 19 year old guy, just trying to make it through life gaming along the way. I've been lurking here in the shadows for over 2 years now, waiting for the perfect time to strike... Actualy I've been lurking in the shadows merely because when I tried to upload an avatar eons ago, it failed and I couldn't be bothered trying again. But I've decided now is a good time as any to finally level up and plunge into this community for good.

I'm hoping to become an author, I've got 2 things I'm working on which I hope to be able to publish someday (read: somedecade) soon. In the meantime I'll just be playing games.

I'm a massive fan of the sandbox genre, and enjoy a good shooter here and then, and on rare occasions, a good (J)RPG. I'm also a massive Harry Potter fan, and hope to someday achieve that sort of global recognition with my own novels.

I hope to publish good blogs worth reading, and to contribute to such a great and solid community.

I'll try not to suck.

Also, cocks.

Favourite game-in-which-I-am-a-massive-fanboy-and-won't-hear-a-negative-word-against-it-whatsoever :
-GTA:San Andreas

Looking forward to:
-Assassins Creed 2
-GTA:The Ballad of Gay Tony
-Modern Warfare 2
-Miles Edgeworth:Ace Attorney Investigations
-Crackdown 2
-I'd include L4D2, but I live in Australia. 'Nuff Said.

Currently Playing:
-Professor Layton and Pandora's Box
-Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days

-Halo 3/ODST

To-do list:
-Crono Trigger
-Tales of Monkey Island Series (waiting till all 5 chapters have been released)
-Yes, I am aware that owning the first two games and allowing them to sit there unplayed, not even once, is blasphemy. =P