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My kickstarter reward is in! It's amazing. Breakdowns for building and up keeping castles, keeps, towers, chapels, pirate ships and the people who could work them. Also rules for large scale warfare and a variety of specialized folks you can hire.


Got a D&D one shot to run Saturday. It's been a loooooooong time since I played. Halfling town's luck seems to be being siphoned away. To the point one cant step outside without a fluke lightning strike. Frog people, lizard people, shady priests. Hyped!


Just went to pop on Destiny 2 for 10 minutes and the log in que was 3502 people? Does that happen often.


The best salads have lots of protein and baby spinach.


I miss DanteKinkade and his furry shenanigans. Hope he is well.


Castlevania 3 was significantly more difficult than the previous 2. That is, until you get to Dracula, he's a breeze. Also, best recycled assets ever for this familiar approach to Vlad Tepes.


Where is my Bloodstai Switch reports. Finger's on the trigger.


I dont think I've heard this mentioned in xbox v. ps4 comparisons, but the start up sound of the xbox is so satisfying compared to the ear splitting beeps of the ps4. It's a small thing but I love hearing it.


#QueryToid: Have you improved or regressed in your gaming skills from when you were younger?


Dracula's Rib, Heart, Eye, Nail and Ring are in hand. Time for a resurrection!


#Hydratoid but without the hydration. At least its low carb and calorie!


Food is the true pornography. Lobster Eggs Benedict from my favorite breakfast place. Astounding.


Breasts. Cup size. The integrity of our species. Drama. Suspense. Suspenders and breasts. We near the event horizon. Believe it!


That's Curse of the Moon wrapped up. I may go back for another playthrough. It's got just the right amount of story for me. Which is to say, a dozen or so dialogue boxes and that's it. Art/music are magic. My soul burns for Ritual of the Night!


Ok, I need a moment to talk about Outer Wilds. Man, what a wonderful game. It's so wonderful to play a game that respects astrophysics completely. Objects in motion stay in motion. Retrograde is a thing. Objects of particular mass have paricular gravity.


Starting the new console off right.


Anyone messing around with Auto-Chess or the Valve equivalent? Seems fun. Impressions on gameplay, progression and monetization?


Cadence of Hyrule is tempting me. Help! Show me even greater temptations so I have some perspective. I'm not going to need it less, so I need to see things I need more.


Spent the first 4 hours of Fathers day getting puked on every 30 minutes by my 3 year old. A solid 2 hours of sleep and now I'm working all day FOR THE MAN! At least beer awaits.


Last day of school. Goodbyes are always tough, but I'm ready for the summer and 1 job! Going to hustle, take a few college courses, clean the shitnout of my house, paint minis, get fit. And play some games, of course.


Found a new Xbox One S (1Tb) for 160. Cant beat that! Arriving sometime next week. Pretty dang cool.


Legitimately considering nabbing an xbox one this weekend. It is fathers day after all. Game Pass is amazing, and I have nothing plugged into my bedroom TV for 4 years besides SNES classic. Stay tuned!


SchwartzSaber is best Saber


This is the real deal. Just wonderful.


Watching some random E3 response videos onnyoutune has shown me that the Uncanny Valley isnt just for the artificial anymore.


Biggest takeaway from E3 so far is howwwwWow I havent seen this rune before. Slay the Spire, you so beautiful.


I may be alone here, but I loved this game. Played for hours and hours with friends. It was full of the good jank.


All of you who recommended Slay the Spire need to reexamine your opinions. I played for a few hours and APPARENTLY there is no way to make the outside world disappear so I can just play this forevermore. Serious oversight on the developers part.


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