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Well damn. Now I'm in.


This is your fault.


Hol'up. Why did no one tell me Melony was thicc.


#dragonoid I'll take any opportunity to shine a light on my favorite dragon in gaming. Burn on you cataclysmic wonder.


Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn


I am hard pressed to think of a show that is more rewarding to rewatch than Attack on Titan. Maybe Battlestar Galactica. Every expression of you know who(se) tells such a layered story that I only assumed to know first time through. Master class.


Go severely hooked into pokenon Shield. No idea why. I started a long while ago. But it's exactly what I want right now. Giant gengar is amazing.


These Bernie memes are getting carried away.


Three books down so far this year! Dune, Dune Messiah and Children of Dune. I've read the first multiple times, the second only once before, and the third never. Looking forward to the rest of the canon novels. Oh, and you should read them, obviously.


Proud owner of a Switch Pro Controller and OMG HOW DO MY HANDS FEEL SO GOOD HOLDING THIS THING!


For anyone morbidly curious or looking to invest cheap now to enjoy later, best buy has cyberpunk 2077 for $30 on Xbox. Has the Smart Delivery for free next generation upgrade and a steel case.


Great googli-moogli. Latest episode of Attack on Titan really was a jaw dropper of spectacle and shock. Thats a show that knows how to make violence thrilling and tragic. Gonna be a long wait till next episode.


Beat (again) Dark Souls 3 and its dlc. Usurpation of flame ending this time. Good stuff. Want that platinum.


Started Yakuza: Like a Dragon. It's great, but i fell asleep during a cutscene. Turned it off when I woke up, Hopefully I didn't permanently miss anything. I often fall asleep while gaming or reading or watching a movie, even if I feel awake. Anyone else?


The chicken is in the pot *wink wink* Happy Birthday, Ju1ce. I don't have a blank check for you, but I hope your day is filled with good people, good food, good drink and good memories.


Hey y'all. Update on shoulder, still hurts like a Charlie horse mixed with a hornet sting. Only now its run down to my elbow. Looks like worker's comp will be all set, thankfully. PT is going well, regained some movement. Still can't sleep more than 4hrs.


I'll join the chorus of those singing Monster Hunter Rise's praise. It's dang fun. New controls take a minute, but once mastered there's gonna be so much mobility. Voice Acting on tutorial guy is nails on chalk board, though. Thankfully it's just barks.


Have a cursed new year in the comments.


Well, I'll be sleeping good tonight. GG Georgia.


First game completed of the year is... Shovel Knight! Again! For, like, the 8th time. It's still so good, y'all. Excited to dive into the DLC. Anyone play the other characters? How are they?


Got a Hitman itch. $15 for Hitman 2 with all the fixings on Xbox. Anyone play 2? I adored 2016. Is it more of the same? Better?


50% off at Target. In store only. $20 for one of my favorite last generation games with all the DLC is such a steal. For Shovelry!


Hey. Its almost a new year. Enjoy more bootleg and have a good new year if you want, I dunno, I'm not your mom. BA-BAKA!!!


In the words of Megatron, Yeesssss


Started physical therapy today. I'm a sore boi. Getting ready to fight for my worker's comp. Played more DQ 11. But on my phone using xCloud and touch controls. Worked great with minor stuttering. Happy to say I met 2020s resolution to return to college.


Happy birthday RiffRaff. Hope you had a pleasant day with good food and libations!


Christmas haul: torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder. Came with a sling and ibuprofen 800. At least the ER visit was fast.


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