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Is 4 in February still a thing? I'm going to try my damndest to finish 4 games. Anyone else have goals for the month? What are you planning on tackling?


You'd think after working 15 hours on only 3 hours of sleep while fighting a cold I'd be tired. Nope. Couldn't be more revved up. Gonna eat a steak burrito and write some D&D encounters.


Captain Picard is best Captain.


Code of Princess EX is finished, So that's games number 3! Next is Full Metal Furies. I'm nearly done, its an awesome game. Though it's clearly designed for co-op first.


Sad news about Titanfall 3. But they are a great studio and I doubt it was their call so I'm going to give the game a shot and honestly hope for their success.


Started feeling sick so I took some benadryl. Its kicking in. See you all when I awaken in 2020.


I had a roadmap of games I meant to finish but somehow ended up buried in Code of Princess EX on the switch, despite already beating it on 3DS.


The creator of the infamous Illrigger class mentioned early released his session one today. I just started watching, but thought I'd share. Session 1s are so fascinating to watch!


I know I'm late to the discussion, but my favorite aspect of God of War is that it has no cuts. Ocassional camera pans, but not even when loading do you see a different perspective. Menus being the exception, of course.


I'm DMing Saturday for the first time since early November. Gave up the seat now that I'm working 60 hour work weeks. Time to find my notebook and prep!


Someone mentioned games they'd like remade in the vein of RE2's recent remake. I'm a terrible person for not immediately saying Jade Empire. So I'm saying it now.


That's Mario & Rabbids beat! 2 games done already and it's still January! Next up is Minit and Full Metal Furies. Then Bayonetta 2.


I know the Lego Lord of the Rings game were pulled, but apparently I cant buy the movies from Amazon either?


So apparently I played 2500 hours on my ps4 in 2018r. Though my 3 most played games were only 50hr, 40 hr and 14hr. Does it record netlfix time or something?


I asked this a couple years back, but I wasn't in a place to make a purchase. I need a good set of headphones. They will be used as my primary means for all things audio, and occasionally voice chat. No more than 100.


I made a New Years resolution about new games but that Resident Evil 2 demo hit me so hard I dont know that I can resist. I played it once and it's all I can think about.


I just found out you can watch 3d blu rays on your psvr. Currently having a blast watching Wreck-it Ralph in 3D. Works amazing


We have alot of cat people on here. Well, I just wont take that lieing down. Let's hear you number one dog in fiction. Mine would be Manchee from the book "The Knife of Never Letting Go" which is 1/3 of the astounding Chaos Walking series.


Kingdom Hearts is as emotionally impactful and nonsensical as a 12 hour middle school relationship. Convince me otherwise.


Too many beautiful people having birthdays. Must have been some wild orgy 9ish months ago. Thanks to Larx, Sidd, Wes and Panda for.making this place a home.


Another Switch port dream game: Bravely Default and Second.


During my day job I work in a low income district school with kids that come from the toughest homes, if any home at all. At night I work in an ER in a low income neighborhood. If I've learned anything it's that 99/100 people are good. And caf food sucks.


Y'all ever fight a super hard boss that you just couldn't make any headway against, then played the the very next day and realize it is alot easier when you are sober


At the half way point in Mario & Rabbids. The movement is awesome. Dashing an enemy, entering a pipe, dashing into another enemy, entering another pipe, team jumping up a ledge and onto an enemies head, then landing crit to knock said enemy out of bounds.


A certain other gaming website has this fun flow chart for Battle Royale games. It seemed worth sharing, plus I love flow charts. Link in comments.


I think I'll play through Mario & Rabbids next. And finish Minit.


I beat World of Light! Wooo. The final gauntlet took me 2 days. Yoshi, Simon and Cloud were my final three with the %30 damage/attack trade off primary. Hyper Smash and Increased special power for my secondary.


I'm excited to start working the phrase "SoulsBorneKiro" into my favorite games of all time conversations.


My daughters school lunch is going pretty exotic next week, apparently.


Depending how tomorrow goes, World of Light might be my first game completion of the year. I know it's not the full smash package, but on hard some of these fights took me hours (loved every minute), so I feel comfortable counting this as a game completed


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