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Housesitting for my brother. He's got a PS5. Says I can play whatever. Looking over 7 games installed "played these, let's install something new!" Hardrive full. With 7 games. How even. Also, Happy Birthday ChronoLynxx! Pic unrelated.


Which Shounen Oriental Cartoon Protagonist Are You? Type -1: Sun Type. Grossly Incandescent. Jolly. Laughs Often. Hates Bugs On His Head.


Watching Rocco's Modern Life. Suddenly, all I can see is Heffer being an orange pumpkin like mass wrapped around. Anyone else see something specific about a character design that broke it?


Bro, final Smash character speculation. How dope would this be?


I just had a patient wearing a shirt with the Fallout guy on it. The technologist assisting asked if that was the boy from the Jetsons. The patient (older) said yes without hesitation.


Oh yeah, Ghost Reaper Girl is for me.


Yoko Taro giving no fucks. (IGN article regarding low expectations for Nier Reincarnation mobile success in the West).


Finally a Gunpla for the common man.


A big thanks to SteelSquirrel for working with me to help bring this home. Load times are wild! Absolutely loving it!


A moment of your time to appreciate Wolf Knight from the Elden Ring trailer. Their creature design continues to floor me. Ok, proceed with your weekend. Hope it's a good one.


Photo taken moments before disaster. A fun disaster that is!


For my 10ish? Playthrough of Dark Souls, I've decided to try a magic build for the first time. I've not so much as put 1 point into INT in the past. Current status:


Going for my second MRI in an hour. Future status:


I adored Claymates. Never thought I'd play it again in an official capacity. I'm pleasantly surprised!


I played on my Switch for a good 30 minutes with no disconnects last night. Enough to go from Pinwheel of Gravelord Nito. Shut it off and gave it a full charge. With any luck, it'll stay fixed! Pic unrelated.


My switch controllers keep disconnecting despite being attached to the console. This has resulted in a few very frustrating deaths and lots of lost progress. Anyone suffer this issue?


You know, I hype From Software games alot and sometimes I worry that it's misguided or maybe bias. But then I start a fresh replay and am completely absorbed. Anticipation, trepidation, fruatration, until, finally exalation. Who's your do-no-wrong dev?


Reserved my Elden Ring machine.


All right, I get it. You like steam duck, enough already.


I'm really liking Monster Hunter Stories 2. Some genuine chuckles. Lots of simple mechanics involved in each turn. Cel-shaded look is clean. Character creator offers alot of options. I think I'll actually stick this one out!


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