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The chicken is in the pot *wink wink* Happy Birthday, Ju1ce. I don't have a blank check for you, but I hope your day is filled with good people, good food, good drink and good memories.


Hey y'all. Update on shoulder, still hurts like a Charlie horse mixed with a hornet sting. Only now its run down to my elbow. Looks like worker's comp will be all set, thankfully. PT is going well, regained some movement. Still can't sleep more than 4hrs.


I'll join the chorus of those singing Monster Hunter Rise's praise. It's dang fun. New controls take a minute, but once mastered there's gonna be so much mobility. Voice Acting on tutorial guy is nails on chalk board, though. Thankfully it's just barks.


Have a cursed new year in the comments.


Well, I'll be sleeping good tonight. GG Georgia.


First game completed of the year is... Shovel Knight! Again! For, like, the 8th time. It's still so good, y'all. Excited to dive into the DLC. Anyone play the other characters? How are they?


Got a Hitman itch. $15 for Hitman 2 with all the fixings on Xbox. Anyone play 2? I adored 2016. Is it more of the same? Better?


50% off at Target. In store only. $20 for one of my favorite last generation games with all the DLC is such a steal. For Shovelry!


Hey. Its almost a new year. Enjoy more bootleg and have a good new year if you want, I dunno, I'm not your mom. BA-BAKA!!!


In the words of Megatron, Yeesssss


Started physical therapy today. I'm a sore boi. Getting ready to fight for my worker's comp. Played more DQ 11. But on my phone using xCloud and touch controls. Worked great with minor stuttering. Happy to say I met 2020s resolution to return to college.


Happy birthday RiffRaff. Hope you had a pleasant day with good food and libations!


Christmas haul: torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder. Came with a sling and ibuprofen 800. At least the ER visit was fast.


Just got my COVID vaccine. Have a free life hack.


Boy, this really is me in a nutshell. 431 hours.


You know what's crazy? After 85 hours I'm having as much fun with Hades as I was after my first 8. Maybe more. Positively giddy as I work on my first double digit heat clear. What a wonderful game. Obvioisly GotY for me.


List time! My big regret is not playing Nioh 2. Deatiny 2: Beyond Light gets an honorable mention. Just didn't feel like a new game.


The president reads a Christmas tale.


Fun gaming story. My 10 year old daughter just watched me play the first 3 hours of Jedi Fallen Ordee and now, for the first time, she really wants to watch Star Wars content. We've tried in the past, but this gave her a "vibe" for the series. Very cool!


Alright you covetous heathens. Have a #blursedmas upload to make your holiday bright with indigestion.


Disqus down. Time for some really controversial opinions. Get ready you soft boiled dweebs. Video games... are fun! Ha! I want you to have fun, too. How do you like them apples. Broken things can still be beautiful and you are all wonderful people.


Present wrapping time. This can only mean one thing.


Cyber-shadow is my jam. Tunche and Gnosia look great as well. I can't be excited for Super Meat Boy Forever till I'm actually playing it. Announcing it 4 years ago really took the wind out of my hype. I'll probably snag Among Us again, too.


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