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Fin. Oh boy, that stand barely made it. Looks gorgeous!


Just finished building my TV stand for the new TV. It's way shorter than I expected, and I'm not thrilled about that. But it looks nice. Decided against adding the doors on the sides. TV will be on shortly.


I'm conflicted between Astral Chain, Dragon Quest XI S, Fire Emblem: Three Houses and TLoZ: Link's Awakening. I'm leaning towards Fire Emblem, but those battle visuals are so ugly. Any input?


Considering a new TV. My 12 year old 42 inch Towhiba with 2 busted HDMI inputs had been a hell of a soldier. It would have been a tough sell with the wife, but I tempted her to imagine Animal Crossing on a crisp 65" display and shes all in.


For anyone with the Split Pad Pro for Switch, this is the perfect case. Fits remarkably well. Solid.


I know the general zeitgeist on GameStop is all pitchforks and such, but I just went into one and renewed my magazine script. Apparently for the $15 cost you get a $5 coupon monthly. Helped bring the already discounted Bloodstaind (swich) to $15


These are amazing. I feel like I bought a whole new system.


Highest recommendation for Children of Morta. A roguelike that surprises me by just how much transfers between runs. My 2019 favorite soundtrack. Visually stunning, reminds me of Swords and Sworcery LP, but less (yet still) abstract.


D&D tomorrow night. And I've lost my notebook with 20 pages of lore and character details as we are about to enter a new town. Well damn. Time to cram.


Deep. Some might say balls deep.


Shoggoth! You inspired one of my favorite NPC's name and demeanor from a (completed!) D&D campaign. Your also a swell guy that's shared some very funny drinking stories lately and I respect the hell out of ya for it. Happy birthday, man!


Playing Bloodborne again on a new save, I'm amazed how trivial encounters feel compared to my first playthrough. Had a similar experience playing Mega Man X collection. what game gave you trouble, but on a later revisit you breezed through?


PAX East badges are in. Hell yeah. Looks like Lionhead will have some heavy presence there. Package was full on Baldurs Gate 3 filters and such. That's got my rocks, for sure. Anyone going. I'll just be there Thursday. Hope to play some TTRPG.


Today, for Show and Tell at my 3 y.o. preschool, instead of grabbing her Mickey Mouse toy, she grabbed a pair of a kids dirty underwear and said "Look!!! It's Jonah's peepee underwear!!!" Like she was showing them a biblical miracle.


Me Sekiro disc is broken. And I'm near endgame. It is the true mikiri counter.


Started replaying Bloodborne. Yeah, holy shit. It's my GoaT. By a long mile. And my new Dolby headphones are letting me experience it in a new, unsettling way. I have the platinum, thought I'd feel burnt out. Nope, gonna get me that paleblood.


I dont think I've ever bought something so fast.


I cant comment on anything but I need to scream from the heavens that Popeye's Kentucky Fried Chicken is best fast food even if they only sold Spicy Chicken Sandwiches.


Hot spicey take: Persona 5 was roughly as fun for me as actual high school. Dragon Quest's charm ends at its superficial stuff (which is just perfect). FF XIII had the based combat system in the series.


Well, my day has been made a few dozen times better thanks to this tucked away homage.


Wes is a man of such unparalleled generosity he has been known to lend his likeness to even the smallest of upstart taco auteurs. Happy birthday, buddy.


Hey folks, havent been in a few. Got a bad injury to my eyeball and looking at screens is quite painful. In fact, I'm writing this through tears because y'all are worth it. Keep being the best around you wonderful degenerates.


A few quotes from different characters in the same game. "Need a light?" "Delighted to sir!" "Someone call for an exterminator?" "Input coordinates." "Vector locked in." "Yea, I read ya... sir" GUESS IT YOU PLEBS!


Hey, just finished Donut County. Charming, fun, and pretty dang short. Recommended if you are in a funk and it's on sale.


I would also like to play. "I've already taken care of G. This is only the beginning." A hint because I'm not trying to stump anyone. I miss the hell out of light gun games.


Just finished Gorogoa. Holy hell. I know it came out in 2017, but it's already a game of the year contender for things I've played this year. $5 on mobile. About 5 hours long. Perspective is the gameplay mechanic this whole thing is built around. Play it!


When you make perfect chinese food for the first time and are flooded with ancient wisdom.


This is the best 5 dollars I've spent in a long time.


#NintendoDirectoid predictions, eh. I think we will see the Galaxy 2 esque sequel to Odyssey get teased. Zelda sequel gets meaty tid bits. Still nothing on Metroid (another kick in the Morph Balls). SSBU gets a character trailer. Something unexpected!!!


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