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Club Nintendo Wii Error Code 206401

If you are a big Nintendo fan and own a few Nintendo games like I do it's exciting to hear that Club Nintendo is finally available in North America. Even more exciting is the release of Game and Watch Collection through club Nintendo for 80...


Wii Storage Solution: Deleting Stuff.....

I finally decided to get Tetris party (which is the greatest version of Tetris BTW) and to do so I had to make room on my Wii. As most people know the Wii only has 512 MB of Internal flash memory which is alright if your only downloading ...


Mega Man 5 a lost Mega Man Game? Uranus Man

Mega Man 5 for the Gameboy was a great portable Mega Man game. It was slow and blurry like the other Mega Man games but had a totally original story weapons and bosses. The only meg man game to feature level bosses without "Man" following t...


Bird is the Word Man (Mega Man Maker)

A few characters I made on Mega Man Maker. I may have cheated a little with Photoshop ;) Scroll Down For the Mega Man Maker to try yourself or see the original Destructoid thread here: http://www.destructoid.com/mega-man-9-giveaway-contest...


Guitar Hero III Review Collection

Here are a collection of reviews from mostly professional credible reviewers for Guitar Hero 3. IGN 8.9/10 (Xbox360,PS3) +soundtrack is fantastic -presentation is getting stale Full Review -------------------------------------------------...


Unofficial Fan Made Videogame Rules

I'm sure everyone has made up your own rules for video games. You may have done so because the game was so good you had to add to it's value or perhaps it was so bad you had to create value for it. Here are a few examples I can think of: S...


Rock Band at Launch.... FAIL!

Looks like at launch you have to buy all the instruments at once. You get the game, guitar, mic, and drum kit for $169.99. For that price I suggest you get a PS2 or a DS... Or if you already have a PS2 and you were willing to spend $30...


Zack & Wiki Game Trailers Review

Game Trailers Review 8.4 http://www.gametrailers.com/player/26917.html GameSpot Review 8.5 http://www.gamespot.com/wii/puzzle/projecttreasureislandz/review.html?sid=6181499 IGN Review 9 http://wii.ign.com/articles/829/829301p1.html Game...


Is EA Going To Enter The Hardware Business

Electronic Arts is one of the if not the biggest video game producers in history. They are the biggest third party publisher. They have been a major player in the home video game market since Trip Hawkins started the company in 1982. In t...


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