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Tiny & Big preview footage

The demo is nearing completion, and we have finally managed to upload a video. It shows the main character, Tiny, waltzing through the demo level while breaking stuff. The physics-based gameplay mechanics are cutting, dragging and shoving....


Tiny & Big screenshots

Did someone say "world premiere"? Here are the first ever official screens from Tiny & Big, the game I have been babbling about in my last post. I know, it's not exactly last year anymore, and our demo is still not ready. We've been workin...


Teasing you a bit

Hey Destructoid! May we shamelessly abuse your c-blog feature to promote our work-in-progress indie game? Chew on this teaser artwork while we keep crunching on the demo. It should be ready til the end of the year. Until then, we'd gladf...


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