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"Video Games Kill Movies in 2007"

It's Official. Yahoo says so. For those that don't like to click links... Video game sales break records NPD Group reports a record-breaking year ...


Rez HD is going to be Vibrate-tastic!

I was just checking out that little story on Rez and it's original Trance Vibrator Controller that came out with the game. Now the new Xbox Live Rez HD downloadable game will use the 360 Controllers as the New Trance that go...


Is Ubisoft Losing it?

I was just reading Surfer Girls Blog (Yeah I know it's just gossip), and came across an interesting little story. It's about Ubisoft's delays of inferior products. Here is the quote and link to the page. Disaster: Ubisoft and the Kingdo...


My thoughts on the PSP 2000 (AKA Slim)

So about ten days ago I bought a new PSP SLIM (Darth Vader White Model). I was bored and had some store credit at FYE. Well after some playtime with Guitaroo Man I came away very impressed by the new model. I know some people complain t...


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