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y helo thar, DESTRUCTOID

Hey guys, I'm Tani. Newfaggin' it up here on D-TOID, courtesy of the nagtastic abilites of my good buddy tsunamikitsune! It's all good, it's all good. I won't kill him in his sleep until he turns 21. My favorite genres include anything tha...


About haitanione of us since 11:32 PM on 11.20.2009

Name: Tani\Haitani
Age: 20
Gamertag: Haitani
SteamID: makohaitani
AIM: hey guys im tani

Currently Playing:
-- Borderlands (x360)
-- Ragnarok Online
-- EVE Online
-- Rock Band 2 (x360)
-- Dragon Age (PC)

Current Systems:
-- Nintendo DS
-- Sony PSP
-- Xbox 360
-- Sony Playstaion 2
-- Gaming PC

Why you should read my blog:

Musings of a twenty-something from the midwest about video games and the culture surrounding them. Also because tsunamikitsune doesn't update his anymore and we're like bffs and shit.

Favorite Hams:
Black Forest
The shaved kind in the packages
Porky Pig