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FFXII = First Fail. Boring RPG is Boring.


Alright, i've spent close to 30 hours in FFXII, and i've reached a scenario where i've stopped caring.

i don't care if the evil empire wins. i don't care if pretty boy Vaan fails in his epic quest to score with Ashe. i don't care if Balthier manages to seduce Fran into a threesome with Penelo.

i just don't care.

Seriously, FFXII got rave reviews from nearly every site and publication. If it is the wunderRPG reviews make it out to be, why the hell am i so disinterested?

It's not like i hate the genre, i've been playing the FF games since VII (like most folks) and i've finished all the single player ones barring FFX-2 which was a glorified Charlie's Angels version of FF.

Why is it that this single iteration of what is arguably the most loved and concurrently, most whored out RPG series ever suck so bad?

VII had a unique, if slightly muddled story, VIII had emo angst and what i believe, was a great premise, IX had flair and old school charm while X was, well, in a league of its own when it came to weaving an intersting tale, not to mention it had the most bad ass character i've seen in an FF game, Auron. In an alternate universe where everyone loves J-RPGs, we'd be cracking Auron jokes rather than Chuck Norris jokes.

So where does all of this leave Famitsu's 40/40 FFXII? Nowhere.

The pacing of the game is drab and slow. Sure it's a tale of political intrigue and other such things but it's cloaked in invisibility with a pathetic structure. What on earth possessed them to bookmark each segment of the plot in the form of "Chapters" is absolutely crazy.

As a long time FF fan it hurts to see a series you've grown up playing mutating into some monstrous whored out piece of garbage. In all there attempts to include new features like the real time battle system and gambits, they've forgotten what's core to the FF experience, an epic saga that holds interest. Not a boring, lackluster tale that kills your interest as well as your appetite for the genre.

If anyone needs me, i'll be playing Persona 3 or Odin Sphere hoping that FFVII: Crisis Core does not suck.
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