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Streets of Rage 2 Pwned Me

I happily downloaded Streets of Rage 2 on XBLA and booted it up and it was awesome. Plus Stages 1-4 I was kicking total ass using "Skate" as a character. I also remembered how creative in terms of environments Streets of Rage 2 had, very un...


Skate Demo Impressions

So while I know most people are extremely involved with Bioshock at the moment, it's definitely worth mentioning the skate demo that got released early this morning. While I thought Bioshock was pretty cool from the demo, FPSs lately haven...


Skate Demo Shortly Delayed On XBL

Yes, it is sadly true. The demo which was supposed to hit the Xbox Live Marketplace tomorrow (8/15) was delayed due to a minor bug. This minor bug deals with an online feature which allows you to use within the demo, a first in a demo envi...


Shoot 'Em Up Cowboys: Lucky & Wild

In the 1990s the arcade was the place to be to get the most amazing and innovative gaming experiences. While home consoles were just starting to see the light of day during this time, arcades still provided the most flare. While many other...


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Hey, guy e here and I'm hungry. Iíve been playing games ever since my grandfather bestowed me with an NES from his brotherís video rental store (Video WavesÖRIP). Ever since then I was hooked on video games and with free rentals from the store, it was destiny for me to keep playing. I was an avid reader of Nintendo Power and spent most of my childhood playing one of the greatest video game consoles ever created, the Super Nintendo. While I still play newer video games, I still mainly love the classics and love really polished 2D games such as the Metal Slug series. Even when I sometimes get doubtful about the video game industry or feel like I'm growing out of it, I always end up realizing that I'll be playing games till I die.

Some of my favorite games include: Metal Slug (series), Earthbound, Lucky & Wild, Double Dragon 2, Megaman X (series), Castlevania: SOTN, Chrono Trigger, Resident Evil (series), Metal Gear Solid (series), Mike Tysonís Punch Out, Final Fight (series).

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