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i can haz cheeseburger baby? NVGR

Oh, by the way, if anyone is wondering what usedtabe and I are having... boy or girl...the answer is....girl! yes, our lil she-devil will be announcing her presence around the 15th of November. Knowing that she is a woman though, it'll probably be later than that. The nurse that saw her junk and told us she was a girl, referred to it as a "cheeseburger." we wanted a corn-dog first, but this is equally as rad! so we are excited for our lil burger baby:) she likes to kick a lot, and get's real excited when she hears her daddy's voice (awe). from the most recent ultra sound, it looks like she has mama's big nose and cheeks...poor thing:( lucky usedtabe, now he get's twice the sammiches he's used too;)

yeah! showing my baby's junk on the internetz....could this be a good sign of bad parenting? we can only hope:)
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