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Happy Anniversary to me! (NVGR)

YEAH! 4 years have past with the man that I married named Usedtabe. It's been quite a funky ride, but we're here at 4 years now. I never thought I would be anywhere else except my little island home in the Pacific. Home is were my heart...


Happy Father's Day (NVGR)

This one goes out to all the fathers, soon to be fathers, baby daddies and those who might have some unknowing offspring running around;) I wish I could give you all a piece of usedtabe's father's day cake, but we'll think of you when ...


BBY-toid (NVGR)

Since I've become a stay at home mom, I am able to reconnect to my creative roots. In between the naps, feeding and cleaning (somehow), I was able to make my little Lilianna her first d-toid apparel. Of course, I had to make it all cute a...


My Mass Effect2 Experience

So the game has been out for a while, but I haven't told you what I think about it yet:) Like you're all dying to know what I think right. Anywhoo, I about peed my pants at the opening sequence. My heart fluttered to see all the famili...


btw, we had a baby & Lili update: NVGR

you might have already seen usedtabe's post of our new born daughter. we'll let me update my profile by posting this blog. then you can know all the juicy details:) Lilianna Susanne-Lyssa hart was born 11.08.09 at 9:35am, weighing in at ...


i can haz cheeseburger baby? NVGR

Oh, by the way, if anyone is wondering what usedtabe and I are having... boy or girl...the answer is....girl! yes, our lil she-devil will be announcing her presence around the 15th of November. Knowing that she is a woman though, it'll p...


(NVGR) usedtabe & grunchk1n's ultrasounds

some might know that usedtabe and i will be spawning our first noob into the world coming this novemeber. here are some of our baby's first ultra sounds we wanted to share: skull baby, just tilt our head to the side a lil gamer baby!


infinite undiscovery...is it worth playing?

ok, so i played like 30 mins of this game. i got through breaking out of the prison and got through the stupid forest at night....and it was so annoying!!!! i don't want to play it anymore, but i want to give it a second chance. is there...


Rockband2 Drums

OH HOW I LOVE THEE! i'm sucha bitch to my husband when he would play the drums from the first rockband. they we so annoyingly loud, and we had to buy socks for the damn thing....SOCKS! but the new ones....all i hear is faint tapping ...


2 years of wedding bliss!

10.06.08 marked usedtabe and grunchk1n's 2 year anniversary. In that 2 year time period, i began playing more games such as gear of war, bioshock, mass effect and rockband of course. i don't understand why wives, fiances, or girlfriends w...


Debunking a gaming myth: **face palm**

hurray! gamer's aren't social outcast...i was beginning to wonder...thanks yahoo! i can have friends now... **face palm****face palm****face palm****face palm****face palm****face palm****face palm****face palm****face palm****face palm...



"what's that smell? oh, it's just usedtabe pwning his wife." which is me, i have the sweet sticky scent of usedtabe all upon me. so yes, i'm his property...so only HE can pee on me:) let me get the mushy stuff out of the way, i love b...


About grunchk1none of us since 7:24 PM on 09.19.2008

let's see, well let's start off with usedtabe is my husband...there i said it, moving on. i'll be the first one to tell you that i'm a noob or nooberella, as i like to call myself (usedatbe just rolled hi eyes at me...again). i just like to play games...it doesn't matter what gender you is...stfuajpg! i'm a girly girl, i don't like to bate my own hook, i love the color pink, and i love video game violence and gore:) i hate girls that think they're so awesome for playing gears and halo, or whatever game they play just to be considered one of the boys. i love to hear my husband talk trash to other online players, especially his own teammates. i like to play my stupid easy games like, kingdom hearts, viva pinata, eternal sonata...and some of the more "grown up" games like, gears, mass effect, and bio shock to name a few. i'm a photographer that works with bratty high school seniors. i was born and raised in maui, hawaii, and i have never seen such a large group of stereotypes in all of my life since i moved to texas.

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