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2008: a look forward to my year in gaming

Oh, 2007.... how I loathed thee. You will forever go down as the worst year in my gaming life. I completed, on my own, two, count 'em, MOTHERFUCKING TWO games this year. I will grant you, some of this is my own fault; but seeing as we ...


Yeah, I'm feelin' it a little bit

It's official: I'm old. It is my 28th birthday today. And you can keep your "Happy Birthday"s to yourself unless they come along with an autographed copy of Heavenly Sword, complete with eye-stabber/letter-opener. In lieu of cards and ...


What I'm doing this weekend

ZOMG!!!, check it out!!!1!1 "The King of Kong," comes out this week!!! In case you didn't hear about it out of ComicCon, let me 'splain. No, let me sum up: it's a "geekumentary" about two joystick masters (yes1!), each vying to set a wo...


My life as a videogame widow.

I'm starting a blog. What of it? It won't involve much first-person hands-on game experience, because my husband has sucked the joy and spontaneity out of gaming, at least for me. How, you ask? Well, by playing games constantly, that's...


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