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Death and Immersion

Death is a ubiquitous gameplay device. The conceptual �death� of the player requires a certain amount of the player�s understanding that the gameplay falls in line with a narrative (no matter how large or small in scope). From the first ...


Skate 2 - Trailer Reactions

Interview: http://ps3.ign.com/articles/895/895828p1.html From IGN The interview at IGN goes over some of the new features in Skate 2. According to the interview, the vert mechanics in the game have been improved [read: become not broke...


Bioshock - Initial impressions

So, I've FINALLY started to play what many claim to be the holy grail of video games - Bioshock. I've been playing the game on a PC that can run it decently (I've been slowly weening myself off PC gaming due to the absurd price of the ho...


First Post Evar: My Summer of Gaming

Yeah, so I've always spent many many hours going through Destructoid stories and the clogs, but I never have blogged myself. So here I go... so where should I start? Eh, I'll just talk about games I've been playing recently and whatnot. ...


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For the most part, I'm an action gamer - I usually need some sort of explosion to keep me interested in. Puzzle games are also fun though.

Since it's school time, game playing has been much less than usual.

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