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Try to contain your excitement- I'm about to list my consoles!

-PC (Not strictly a console but the best gaming platform nonetheless)
-PS3 (Until it gets some games, not much playtime on this)
-Wii (Finally fixed, but I still never play the damn thing)
-DS (Got it on day one, and I still love it.)
-GameCube (Melee is the best fighting game ever, and Wind Waker is the best Zelda game ever)
-PS2 (Not much to say really. Who doesn't own one of these?)
-PS1 (Great memories of this console)
-N64 (Better memories of this one)

If your head hasn't exploded already, here's some more exciting stuff- games I'm currently playing!

-Left 4 Dead
-Team Fortress 2
-Rock Band

I'm a writer at Ripten, so go there and comment dat shit, yo.