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Review: Mario Kart 7: Is 7 Really a Lucky Number?

Mario Kart 7 is yet another installment of the popular Mario branded cart racing game from Nintendo. It has the features that anyone who has played any of the franchise's titles would expect and enjoy, but not a whole lot more is offered outside of just being a new Mario Kart game.

It would be hard for one to admit that Mario Kart games are not loads of fun. With great competitive modes and enjoyable racing gameplay that has always been offered in the series; Mario Kart 7 is no exception. But, just because a game is great fun does not mean that it is properly fueled to reach a higher level of performance. Under the hood of the latest Mario Kart rig we have Mario Kart standard gameplay, some new characters, gliding, customizing, new courses, old courses, a new driving perspective, gyro steering, and improved online play, among others. Oh, and it can be played in 3D if one so desires. It is still Mario Kart and very similar to the rest of the series with some minor tune-ups. Gliding was a newly added aspect. Not necessarily something that was expected, or that fans were just dying to see, but it is new, and leaves a minor mark of change to the game. There are more characters, some of which are quite interesting, available to race as in Mario Kart 7; a feature that would be something to expect. The new courses were well designed with great concepts in mind that are unique compared to what has been seen from the series thus far. The courses from previous Mario Kart games were an appropriate addition and were fun to revisit in 3D. A first person driving perspective was added to the gameplay. Quite frankly, it just does not work in conjunction with how the game is played. Your plane of vision is cut down drastically to the point of inevitable hinderance. The gyro steering does work, but it is not necessarily efficient. Steering with the console itself is entertaining for about two laps. As the console moves, so does the screen; as the console and screen move it becomes difficult to play the game properly and one may become ill. The online racing modes are great and allow for many hours of racing fun. The matchmaking is actually functional, and you can play with friends with made-to-call rules. Overall, the features that were added are adequate, but there could have potentially been more noteworthy features added that really impact the game. That being said, what new features are there to really expect from a new Mario Kart game? With what little room for improvement and advancements there really is to make in a Mario Kart game, Mario Kart 7 suffices.

Mario Kart 7 controls beautifully. The 3DS joystick complements the efficiency of Mario Kart 7's controllability. Press the A button to go and the joystick will take you there, if slowing down or breaking is desired press the B button; you know the drill. The gliding sequences control well and there are tactics that can be used to capitalize being airborne and be the earliest to the finish line. There is not a single thing to complain about when discussing Mario Kart 7's controls or control scheme, everything works, and it works very well. Items are far too solidified at the infrastructure of Mario Kart 7; as with the rest of the series. The items add and take away from the game.; they also take you away from the checkered flag most of the time. Of course, the item system feels purely luck-based and unfair at times because it is, and that is just how items work. A player can be in first place the entire race, get struck by a deadly blue shell, and end up in fourth. In this example scenario getting fourth place probably had next to nothing to do with a lack of skill, but a classically overwhelming amount of arbitrary item assignment that Mario Kart has always dedicated itself to. It may not be so bad to see a new item system in the next installment. The functional online play was a huge relief. It operates as it should and has a great selection of various features for you, your friends, and the world.

Playing this game was a fruitful and pleasing experience to say the least; a new Mario Kart game never disappoints because it is consistent. If consistency is what is sought, then look no further. Mario Kart 7 will deliver exactly what is expected. A fun, quirky, cart racing game featuring characters from the Mario universe that will keep oneself entertained for hours. There is a lot to do online; racing with friends, matchmaking, beating others' records, and more. The actual in-game race modes have coins to be collected that unlock customization options; although there does not seem to be an actual pattern to what is unlocked when a certain amount of coins are collected. The customizations are hidden, and with a ten coin limit per race it takes a considerable amount of time to unlock everything, so there is plenty of time to be spent playing this game. The new courses are great, as are the classics. This game does not lose its playability over time, nor does the racing become stale; provided with the new courses and features to choose from. Endless hours of fun and quirky racing can be guaranteed from this game. Mario Kart 7 is a blast! As a definite buy for all 3DS owners; it makes an excellent first game choice for newcomers to the 3DS.

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