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Released 2012 That Game Company PS3 Music by Austin Wintory That Game Company, more than any other, has the power to directly inject deep emotional experiences into basic concepts and simple gameplay. I'll write more about their mind-c...



Limbo Released 2011 PC/PS3/Xbox Developed by Playdead Music by Martin Stig Andersen Limbo is a puzzle/platformer released by Indie studio Playdead. Take one look at the trailer and you'll see how different, stylized and darkly moody t...


art vs. Art

Sorry to bring up such a contentious issue. To be honest, I think that many are arguing across purposes in the great debate of “Are video games art?” We've seen a large portion of the community throw around the dictionary definition of a...


Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus PS2/PS3 (soon) Developed by Team Ico Designed by Fumito Ueda Music by Kow Otani Ok, first of all, Colossus is being rereleased with updated graphics for the ps3. I am so excited that I am currently eatin...



Flower PS3 Released 2009 Developed by thatgamecompany Designed by Jenova Chen and Nicholas Clark This game really is one of my favorites. Flower's Official Tralier (pay no attention to the song they picked...) An independent and small g...



Braid PC/Xbox360/PS3/OSX/Linux Released 2008 Developed by Number None and Hothead Games Designed by Johnathan Blow Braid is a puzzle platformer with some intriguing mechanics, beautiful backgrounds and a look and feel that is at once famil...


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My name is David. I write music and score movies and games, over here.
Gaming, for me, is all about atmosphere and immersion, how convincing and intoxicating a game's world is, and how deep it draws you in.
I'm a big fan of independent studios and people who conquer new ground.
I get my rage on at people who argue against the artistic potential of games as art.