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What is Battlegrounds really like?


For the last month or so, I've spent the majority of my gaming hours playing Player Unknown's Battlegrounds(PUBG) and have become very fond of the game. Now, when you watch videos or see little clips on Reddit, you see incredible acts of skill, crazy bits of luck and hysterical moments when the game glitches and something funny happens, yet in reality the expierence the game actually yields is far from this. The vast majority of the games you will play on PUBG can be split into a few groups.

Scenario 1:

You jump from the plane when it is directly over a large city and proceed to fight over the loot with an armada of others. Most probable deaths include; being shotgunned in the face whilst racing through a building, being picked off whilst reviving a partner who wasn't careful enough/can't aim, not clicking fast enough in a fist fight, being run over by the guy who got the car before you or you simply got no good loot and lost in a shoot-out. 

These games are usually played at the start or end of a session when either you are frustrated or feeling brave. Almost always end badly yet the same tactic will be tryed again.

Scenario 2:

You land in a remote area where no-one else is and proceed to loot the whole surrounding area, you watch as the number of players slowly diminish and you get that feeling of 'Yeah, I can do this'. You are just in the zone and will continue to loot until you're all geared up with the best guns and armor. For ~25 minutes you see no-one then you're are suddenly being shot from an unknown source whilst you run to get into the next zone. You die and you realise you spent the entire game without seeing another player and have wasted 25 minutes of your life on inventory management. This is often followed up by a Scenario 1 game.

Scenario 3: 

You are in a great spot, plenty of loot and loving life. Just won a team fight and geared up for war. You bring the map up and realise that you have 2 minutes to trek to the other side of the island. You frantically try and find a car, this is made harder when in a squad. You finally find a suitable ride and then are killed speeding down the roads, assuming the zone doesn't get you first.

Scenario 4:

Well equipped and doing well, you come across a little house in the middle of the zone and you find a nice toilet. You equip a shotgun and wait. Boredom will most likely set in and you'll wait there until the 'Oh shit' moment occurs when you realise you need to get into the zone. This will be followed up by poor positioning which will result in a death.

Scenario 5:

You have played carefuly the whole game, always having an eye on the map and positionally you're very comfortable. You lay low and watch as you enter the top 10 without firing a single shot. You then see the death screen as a kar98 takes your head off.

Almost all of my games can be put into one of the categories! Any of these sound familiar? Let me know your thoughts.

Stay Classy.

George Perkins

- Stay Classy.

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