NE: Ranked: Which of the 7 Super Mario games was most super?

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About gordon1one of us since 12:33 AM on 04.23.2009

Name: Hector

Nickname(s): Gordon, Gordo or Gordux

Date of birth: November 25, 1986

Occupation: Unemployed Cook

Hobbies, Video games, Cooking, Drawing (Art can be viewed at

Gaming Orgins: Earliest gaming memories are with my aunt who owned a Nintendo and playing Pacman and Centipede at local arcades (3-5 years old during this time).

Systems Owned : Gameboy (no longer posses),GB advance, GB SP, Ds, DSi, Super Nintendo. Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Wii, X-box (no longer posses).

Favorite Genres: RPG, Action, Adventure, Horror, Music/ Rhythm, puzzle, Arcade style Sports and Racing, Shooters, Platformers.

I've always had a appriciation for games. I was convinced to join the site by a friend (Alphador) and since then I've enjoyed the articles where the editors and readers analyze games and discover what possible meanings they hold, what they could represent and how it makes us feel,weither it be through story, gameplay or something else, as of late most games have been trying to do things differently wither it be through interactive story telling or gameplay. Since so many people in this conmmunity appriciate such things I have since then been checking this site everyday for updates, news and reviews. Though I recently just started to become more active on the site I have enjoyed what I've seen and I look forward to the future of this site.