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The Promised Lan 2

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A Very Kirby Christmas

Not long ago, on the night of Christmas Eve Kirby was playing in the snow. When out of nowhere an elf ran into the puffball, Tripping and stubbing his toe. “Ow!” cried the elf, distraught and troubled, “I can’t afford to stop now! The fate...


The Simplicity Renaissance

I like complex games. Actually, that's not entirely accurate. I don't really get into to overly complex games, but I am glad that they exist. Gaming as a medium has burst wide open, and developers are finding niches that were previously c...


Sex and Violence Across the Sea

When I was 10 years old, I saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail for the first time. I found the humor to be strange and some of the words very foreign. To this day, I struggle to recall the definition of the word "pram" (which, as I unders...


Fake Game Monday: C4 Edition

So, this year's edition of Fake Game ___day isn't really a game as much as a gametype. If I had any proficiency with modding, I'd be tempted to make the game myself, but for now I must settle for crudely drawn MS Paint diagrams. The basic ...


The Truth Will Set You Free

Please, please go buy Just Cause 2 early on. I fear it's going to hit the same sales mark its predecessor did, despite the fact that it has improved in almost every way. The mind-twizzling stuff you can do is more entertainment than should ...


The wrong thing: Morbid Curiosity

You’re walking along the crowded city streets of ancient Jerusalem or Liberty City, the specifics aren’t important. You’ve been exploring these same streets for years, in a different context every time, but the faces never change. All of a ...


Left 4 Dead Reborn in 8-Bit Glory

Jonesing for some Left 4 Dead 2, but can't afford it in the holiday rush? Fret not! A dedicated L4D fan named Eric Ruth is recreating the entirety of the first Left 4 Dead game in 8-bit top down shooter form. He has supposedly completed the...


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I've had the same username since AOL 1.0 (though I ditched AOL a long time ago).

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I like penguins, and own a blue one (stuffed, not live). (To clarify stuffed like a doll, not a taxidermy job).

And I like parentheses. (See, told you).

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