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Constant Re-evaluation

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Massive Haiku Madness

So, yeah, I like haikus. Last time there was a haiku competition I was in the middle of a really busy period in work and I still managed to think up a few but this time round, well, I made a few more... Here is the list. 25 so far... Le...


Hancock Trailer & Superhero Games

People are really starting to get into the idea of superhero movies putting butts on seats. Here's a little trailer... but there's lots (LOTS!) more in an extended trailer if you follow this link. I like the look of this and think it c...


Not my Turning Point Gaming Rig

Ok, so it might well be. I think I'm late for the competition! That's ok though, if I am, I am. I've had this little beauty for a few years now, though the monitor is less than a year old (and not very good). 2.66 Smithfield running a...


How to play video games: FPSs

FPSs aren’t just for shouting insults at pre-pubescent teenagers and informing your colleagues as to how and when you violated their parents; they are a vast sea of possibility for a gamer who loves to win and have fun! Below are ten handy...


Toshiba deny plans to drop HD-DVD

For today... Plenty of people have been speculating on this one but I decided to wait it out until a press release came along. Well, here it is... Toshiba deny HD-DVD cancellation The original story was on many major websites and probab...


Official: Video Games are Art!

In Europe. For tax credit purposes only. Thanks to France. Actually, it's quite nice to bring up this subject every now and again, much like it's quite nice t...


Call of DToid, phwoar!

I’ve had a cracking weekend so far. Xbox live is still playing up every now and again so I wasn’t able to send any friend requests initially but, once I did manage to get playing with the DToiders, well, WOW, what a difference having good ...


In case of emergency…: Part 1

Break Game So, I have a great tolerance for doing things… right. Some people would just call it stubborn but I follow a distinct logical path. Bioshock has been my “after New Year’s” game and, regardless of the fact that I have Half Life...


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