DeS: PUBG sues Fortnite for copyright infringement

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GFW Live are you Relevant?

GFW Live has been released to the free world...for free, but wait people actually paid for this stuff. I know that we all pay for the Live service on the 360 because we have no other alternative, but on the PC, games have been online for...


Oh The Too Humanity (Demo)

I, as many of you have, played the recently released Too Human demo. My impressions could be stated in one word, meh! I didn't think it was terrible, but I definitely don't think it is a huge success. This game has been Dr. Dyack's sci...


Pleasing the Core

Oh Nintendo, have all those riches gone straight to you head? You promised us that you would please the "Core" gamer. All we got was some damn Animal Crossing and a GTA on the DS (just a logo for that matter). Nintendo has so many grea...


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