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Crix Mix

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About gg-cr1xleeone of us since 3:52 AM on 01.12.2010

I am Editor-in-Chief for and Contributing Writer for and I was in the November 2009 Xbox Gamer Spotlight then promptly suspended the week after for the phrase "I'm Player 2 because I'm the sh*t" (only without the censor). I was also in Season 2 of The Guild as an extra who looks at Felicia Day really weird in the party scene when she's explaining the snack tray (Ep 9) and am in the Meet The Extras there's that. I bleed Xbox green and am loving Red Dead Redemption and Blur at the moment. I have some of the coolest friends in the world and I love them dearly. An FPS girl with a love for racing games and zombies (fave games are the L4D series), I am a mix of passion, fury, and Vanilla Banana perfume. I'll be your best friend or worst enemy, the choice is yours.


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