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About georgiomone of us since 2:43 AM on 06.30.2007

I am an extroverted hermit with a sad, sick addiction to art, cupcakes, anything 8 or 16 bit, zombies, pizza, and motorcycles. In that order.

Bryce and Genevieve are my best friends.
I'm usually passed out on their couch from a zombie killing induced coma.

Video game rotations are sorta like music play lists for me. Play a level or two, next game.

Current Rotation

Dead Rising
Lost Odyssey (Thanks Bryce!)
Orange Box (except Team Fortress)

Wii Fit
Lost Winds (kinda)
SSB:B (kinda)

Mega Man 2

Earthworm Jim
Road Rash 3
Sonic 3
Street fighter 2
Mortal Kombat 3