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Your Crowning Moments of Awesome.

In an upcoming episode of FSA the staff and I are considering covering our Crowning Moments of Awesome in gaming.

These are basically moments that you play games for. The moments in games where something happens that just fills you with adrenaline, disbelief and makes the world around you disappear.


A really good one of the top of my head was the trailer (and opening) for Devil may cry 4.

While not my favorite in the series, how Nero yells 'Kyrie' over the logo of the game is epic, as is how Virgil murmurs Dante's name after he is defeated in 3.

Other moments I can think of off the top of my head are how whenever you beat a boss dies in Tales of Symphonia it freezes the screen at the final hit and you just hear the boss mutter their last words.

How you first see Samus emerge from her ship in Metroid Prime (for the first time in 3d) and then it plays the metroid theme.

Any of the final bosses from Zelda and of course the famous Aerith scene.
Who could forget the opening to Homeworld as the camera panned around the flagship as Samuel Barber's Adagio for strings filled the room.

Of course, i'm just being fairly general here and will get into more detail in the episode (expect Shadow Hearts Covenant, Okami and SOTC to make an appearance) but we wanted to know what other people's Crowning Moments of Awesome were so that we could transmit some favourites and read out a few on the air.
So what is your CMOA and why? Give a sentence or two if possible.
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