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FSA EP 8: WoW, Duke, Punch Out & Muchimuchi Pork.

Going old school, Matthew Griffin and Geoff Larsen talk Virtual Console. Duke Nukem is no more and we discuss the prospect of never kicking ass and chewing bubble gum again. Even if we werenít all out of gum. Copy protection is also explored and donít miss our Indie-tastic and Ridiculous games! Also for your listen pleasure, our off the mark E3 predictions. Warning: unexpected World of Warcraft rant included.




Ridiculous gaming exploded this week into two crazy, scrolling shooters. The first, Muchi Muchi Pork only in Japanese arcades. But Sexy Parodius is available on the PSP in the package, Parodius Portable.
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Much to my family's disappointment after I got my Psych degree I moved into journalism. At the moment I do games and anime reviews for a free magazine in Sydney which no one reads. I also work casually as a research assistant but that isn't interesting.
I've been gaming since I was a wee lad and as I recall the first console I had was the Atari 2600. Pitfall 2 on the C64 amazed me and at the time I thought it was the deepest games would ever get.

I'm a big SRPG/RPG fan but I also have an itchy trigger finger so FPSes are on the cards to.
I have a weak spot for survival horror but I suck at them. The newer survival horror action games (RE4) are right up my alley.
Also big fan of Clover studios and Capcom in general.

Right now I've got a 360, Ps2, Saturn, cube(for imports) and Wii set up and I've also got a PSP & DS.