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pokemon aka the reason I won't be getting a degree

I'm totally that guy. You know. The one that starts a blog, gets all excited about it and abandons it when life gets a little busy. To be fair, since I last wrote I've: removed man's brain, attended a lame school dance, and was given Pokemon White. It's really the last one that did me in.

I asked him if he liked me, liked me. He said he'd think about it.

Max has been letting me play his copy of Pokemon White since he's been busy with GDC all week. I started a file on Thursday afternoon and have since logged roughly 20 hours. I have no self control. I did the same thing when a friend of mine gave me Final Fantasy Tactics Advance II back in college. My roommate at the time said that hanging out with me was pretty much like hanging out with a tempermental autistic kid, what with all the muttering and swearing about team configurations and squeeing over tiny outfits.

I don't care what anybody says, geomancers were fucking adorable.

Holmes needed to try out the whole wifi-battle function this weekend and showed us the much anticipated triple battle function for the first time. I'd like to note how hilarious it was watching a grown man curse bewilderingly at a gameboy whilst trying to figure out how to "add a friend" over Pokemon wifi. I'm assuming this is Nintendo's way of discouraging the pokemon-wielding pedophiles running rampant all over the internets but this was just entirely too difficult. Since Holmes has played through the Japanese version and we've only just gotten the bike on our version, he mercilessly creamed us with his level 100 legendary pokemon. Bully. It's cool though, he traded us a mysterious egg and all he got in return was a fetus covered in dick-veins carrying a 2x4.


I'm still waiting for that egg to hatch. Any day now.

Anyway, I'm procrastinating studying for finals and since I've spent entirely too much time cradling my pink DS in the last few days, staring into its bewitching screens right now gives me shooting pains in my eyeballs so I decided to write a blog post instead. Max promised to hide Pokemon on a tall shelf during finals week so hopefully I won't be failing out of dental school entirely.

where there's a will there's a way

I'm gonna go learn about teeth stuff. Or something. Hopefully I'll be writing more during that precious, precious week off after finals but chances are I'll be drowning in a sea of take-out and liquor so no promises.

Jenn: Oiy, are you gonna fap my post?
Scoville: How about I just literally jerk off to it?
Jenn: ...
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Fantasy games are my favorite. If I had to score Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced I would give it "BLOWJOBS/10" because reasons. I picked up Skyrim and proceeded to get into fights with Max over whose turn it was for the next 3 months. Sometimes we're best friends but usually I just need him to SHUT THE FUCK UP I WANT TO BE A LIZARD WIZARD, AGHH.

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